Thoughts on Factom Inc’s Second AMA

Factom is a decentralized data integrity protocol built from the ground up that focuses on enterprise-scalability. On June 6th, 2018 Factom Inc held their second AMA where they answered questions from the community. I strongly suggest you take the time to read the full AMA but I will highlight some of the more interesting points here and let the employees of Factom Inc speak for themselves, while providing some minor commentary.

Factom Inc has at least eight clients such as integration partners like FPT Software, while most blockchains have none. Most don’t know that Factom can be an ICO platform as well and that the CEO of Factom just stated that he expects the first ICO or coin offering within 12 months. In addition, their deals with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the US Department of Homeland Security continue to forge ahead.

According to the Factom Inc CEO and CMO, they have substantial interest in their blockchain solutions across a variety of sectors.

Most don’t realize how big the FPT Software partnership with Factom is. In my opinion, it alone is like having a small Stellar/IBM partnership. This seems to be lost on the market for some strange reason. They are a very large international company with broad reach as Jay states and Factom really is showing it’s the premier blockchain solution for business.

The CEO of Factom Inc expects a significant increase in usage in 2018 from enterprise clients. Bullish.

The above is very exciting to me. That companies are moving to Factom after trying other solutions speaks volumes.

Factom plans involvement in the DeSoto project. This is VERY exciting.

One of Factom’s clients needs 10 transactions per second (TPS) from the Protocol. That means they plan more than 300,000,000 transactions per year!

I left the vast majority of the responses from Factom out of this post and again suggest everyone take the time to read the entire AMA. Factom Inc is just one of the initial 21 Authority Nodes (eventually 65) working to further the Factom Protocol. These are very exciting times and it appears it’s only going to get better.