The First Factom Protocol Grants of 2019 Have Been Awarded

The final scores are in, and the first grants of 2019 have been awarded by the Standing Parties of the Factom Protocol. More than $750,000 worth of FCT at current prices will be disbursed. The grant recipients in order of score are:

  1. Factom Inc Protocol Development Continuation – Covers a couple month gap where Factom Inc did not receive compensation for the Core development work they were performing.
  2. Factomize Core Development – Factomize LLC’s lead developer will work on Core full time.
  3. Factom Inc Protocol Development – Factom Inc’s Core development efforts will be funded for an additional three months.
  4. FAT Protocol Development – Development of the Factom Asset Token (FAT) Protocol was funded for an additional three months. Learn about this protocol built on top of Factom here.
  5. Blockchain Innovation Foundation (BIF) Core Development – BIF’s previous core development grant was extended another three months.
  6. Hackathon Grant – The Factom Protocol will sponsor the largest blockchain hackathon in the world in April.
  7. Factom Open Node Continuity – Provides funds that continue to support the Factom Open Node infrastructure.
  8. LayerTech Core Development – LayerTech will provide one developer to work on core development full time.
  9. Blockchain Expo Global 2019 – A platinum sponsorship and speaking engagements were secured for Blockchain Expo Global 2019. This grant sends two people from PrestigeIT to the conference.
  10. Exchange Committee Funding – The Factom Protocol Exchange Committee which is empowered to seek additional exchange listings was further funded.
  11. Open Source API – A robust open source API will be built by DeFacto and Bedrock Solutions.
  12. Explainer Video – The Factom Protocol Marketing Committee will contract out the creation of a two minute video that explains the Factom Protocol and all it has to offer.
  13. Marketing Videos – Factomize LLC will work with the Motion Factory to produce five short videos about various aspects of the Factom Protocol.

In addition to those thirteen grants the following recurring grants were also funded. They are:

  • Anchor Master – Provides the funding to anchor into Bitcoin and other blockchains.
  • Oracle Master – Sets the FCT value to ensure a proper pricing of Entry Credits.
  • Guide Compensation – Pays the Factom Protocol Guides for their work.