How to transfer PEG from the Enterprise Wallet to the GUI Wallet

Kambani is a MetaMask-like browser extension for the Factom Protocol (and thus PegNet as well) that allows you to create a “vault” that securely holds your private keys. You can then interact with websites and wallets in a secure manner without exposing those private keys, you instead sign transactions. Kambani and the GUI wallet below are early release software and those involved with its creation provide no warranties and ask that you only use small amounts of assets in early transfers and conversions.

To transfer PEG or pAssets from your Enterprise wallet to the GUI wallet Kambani supports, you will need to export your private key from Enterprise and import it into Kambani.

While Factomize cannot claim that the software is without bugs, it WILL vouch for the trustworthiness of the creators of Kambani and the GUI wallet (Factomatic). They are long-standing, trustworthy members of the Factom and PegNet ecosystems.

1. Install the “Kambani” extension for Google Chrome from the Chrome web store.

2. Create a new vault in Kambani. Make sure you keep track of the password somehow!

3. Go to “Manage Addresses”

4. Select “Import Address” at the top right.

5. Once you’re on the screen below, minimize Kambani and open the Enterprise Desktop Wallet as we’re ready to key your private key.

6. Once you’ve opened the Enterprise Wallet, go to “Settings” at the left and then check “Enable ability to export private keys”. After that, scroll down and select “Save Changes”.

7. From there, go to the “Address Book” tab at the left and then select the pencil icon next to the address with PEG (or other pAssets) you want to export to Kambani.

8. On the next screen, select “Display Private Key” as long as nobody is looking over your shoulder and then copy it to your clipboard.

9. Go back to the Kambani screen in #5 above and enter a nickname and paste your private key. Select to import the key. Your public address should now show on the FCT address tab of Kambani.

10. Now that your private key is stored securely in Kambani, you can interact with the GUI wallet. Proceed to

11. This is an early build of this wallet and Factomatic plans to improve the UI/UX. Select your FCT address and then “Convert From” PEG or the pAsset that has a balance, and you should see your balance.

Done! You’ve successfully moved your private key and can now interact with the wallet in a secure manner without exposing that private key. Don’t forget to perform regular backups of your Kambani vault.