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Updates on initial pledges are in blue:


--Matter of Fact will establish itself as a respected media collective that furthers the Factom protocol by aggregating and creating content while assisting Authority Set Members with their online presence

Established Factombeat.com with largest monthly compound traffic of 300%, with weekly content and frequent updates/upgrades.

--Site content
  • Matter of Facts focus is to provide quality news content from a variety of sources on everything related to Factom
    MOF has been publishing weekly or twice weekly Factom related content on Factombeat.com.
  • We will endeavor to engage in a variety of crypto events - meetups, conferences, hackathons
    Currently the representation has been at blockchain events and crypto meetups in Sydney, Australia by MOF CMO Brooke Glew. With FCT value since company inception, we've been limited with budget in terms of further event attendance.
  • Use Cases - We strive to aid in the discovery of new applications and actively explore questions
    MOF has begun this process, being discussed in the upcoming podcast launch.
  • Announce partnerships - interviews, research documents, functioning use case studies, and other content
    Currently MOF has provided a press release service on Factombeat, profiles ANOs and broader Factom content.
  • Collaborate with and assist Authority Set members and the Factom community as a whole
    Three members of MOF are part of the Factom Marketing Committee. We've engaged content contributors from the Factom community as well as involved members in the first Factombeat Meme contest.
  • Create and maintain a Factom Wiki page accessible to the global community
    Factom Wiki is pubished on Factombeat.com, with open submissions from the Factom community.
  • Our proposed podcast will cover weekly chatter from this team and other important members of the Factom community. All topics considered
    MOF has recorded the first three podcasts that are currently post-production.
--Principal goal of amplifying the discussion surrounding Factom’s groundbreaking technology

--Inform global communities about Factom’s mission and capabilities

--Offer our copy-editing resources to other members of the Authority Set
MOF has provided copy-editing services to ANOs for press releases and working

--Share content and perspective on the protocol’s technical applications
This has been included in content on Factombeat.com

--Feature thought-leadership content on a spectrum of data integrity issues

--Factomize content overtime, exemplifying one potential use case


--Contribute resources catered to the needs of the testnet administration where applicable
MOF continues to contribute one server to the testnet that is kept up to date


--What will your efficiency be with only one node?
Given the ambition of our project and its financial requirements, we feel 25% deferment to the Factom protocol is achievable with today’s current Factoid value

--What will your efficiency be with two nodes?
As we have a large team and are focused on content creation, distribution, and marketing; a larger budget will enable us to engage more fully in these arenas. In saying that, we will contribute as much as we can and believe 50% is an attainable goal within current market conditions.

MOF has run at 50% efficiency.

Application was submitted in April of 2018. The average current market conditions at this time valued one factoid at $25.61

PLEASE NOTE - most of MOFs pledges are ongoing and amplify with time, budget and market. With the current FCT value, we've achieved as much as possible with limited budget and time.

You are viewing an older update. There is a newer update available.