The Factoid Authority's pledge status as of Q4 2018 - Jan 01, 2019

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--Develop Factom Block Explorer with advanced features
The TFA explorer has been released at as pledged.

--Develop FactomDB
An early prototype is in the works, the completion of which will be dependent on our ongoing IOT work.

--Node Bootstrap Service
No change since Q3 2018 ~ Currently the bootstrap servers are hardcoded and shared with everyone. This will become a problem as the number of nodes increase. We plan to create a simple bootstrap server to share ‘random’ peers with all new nodes, to improve network topology and reduce the load on the chosen bootstrap nodes. Currently this is not a priority, as it is not required at this stage.

--C# .NET Factom Client Library
FactomSharp has been released as pledged.

--Factom Light Node
No change since Q3 2018 ~ We have spent some time researching the requirements and scope for a Factom Light node, and have decided not to pursue this as a standalone ANO. This is a rather large and complex project, and will require substantial effort to be kept updated in tandem with the main implementation of Factomd. However, we would like to work on this as a cooperative effort in the future along with other entities. An ongoing smaller grant might be a suitable model for this development due to the continued support it would require.

--Factomizing large datasets within Star Catalogues
No change since Q3 2018 ~ This project is on hold to focus on projects deemed immediately beneficial to the community and ecosystem. We are still determined to do this in the future as it will showcase how the protocol can be used to efficiently store this type of data. We are have consulted with an SME in this area who will provide additional input when conditions are favorable to pursue this pledge.

--Factom API Assist
No change since Q3 2018 ~ The TFA explorer aims to provide useful apis for application use. These apis do intend to include authority set related APIs. We initially planned to include these apis in a sort of ‘enhanced factomd’, but have realized the technical limitations of that. Providing it via the explorer allows the development of this api to not affect factomd release cycles for anyone needing the extra apis. Factom Inc is also working on a diagnostic api for factomd that would give a subset of the queries that we had planned to add.

No change since Q3 2018 ~ FactomDB is a prerequisite for these project. We will look into making one of these the first project supported by FactomDB.

--Factomd gRPC or Web Socket
No change since Q3 2018 ~ Currently on hold due to lack of bandwidth.

--Steamr Integration
This will tie into our ongoing IOT work, we have begun thinking about it however we can't give any indication of timing at this stage.

--FactomMask (light version)
This was added as a pledge recently as per this thread. Some preliminary work has already been completed, however resources constraints mean this may be delayed.


--Continue to support the Testnet
No change since Q3 2018 ~ We are currently hosting two testnet-nodes mirroring our authority nodes on the mainnet, having a third one on standby for brainswaps. We would be open to host additional nodes for more testnet if required.


--Produce quarterly reports available via, Reddit, Discord & Factomize

--The company will review contributions quarterly.
TFA will not change efficiency at this stage.


2 nodes: 35%
1 node: 25%

We are still operating at 35% efficiency as pledged.



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TFA is one of the most serious ANO around with some solid contributions, great job guys!

Factom Light Node is definitively a big endeavor, also as Factom Inc. is going to work on a big refactoring it's probably wise to wait for them to finish that (in the case you were thinking to build the light node based on the Golang reference implementation).
You are viewing an older update. There is a newer update available.