TFA Discord Node Monitoring Bot

Since we released the first community version of the bot, we have had a number of requests to add new features. Many of which we have added during regular software maintenance, such as basic twilio support the recent e-mail alerts.

We want to know if it's worth creating a grant proposal to add the rest, and anything else the community might want.

Allow two bots to monitor your nodes & each other.

AWS Support
Start stop nodes from the bot.
Automated Brainswaps? integration

Further Integration
Real-Time Call status
Text to speech
Answer Machine Detection

Google Voice/Alexa integration

Further email integration
Build option to pull in 3rd-party SMTP docker.
GMail SMTP support

FCT/EC Address monitoring
Could you clarify how this fits with other work you are doing or going to do as well? You have a lower efficiency than most, which is perfectly fine, but I would like to know how it fits in basically. I only recently found out for instance that one of the ANOs with a low efficiency had a pledge about your combined vote grant, which I think should have been discussed in context (this has nothing to do with TFA, but explains the background of the above question).

Some of the features are a bit far fetched IMO. Monitoring the bot could be done in other ways of course and alexa/voice integration, whilst really cool is a something I would weigh against other grant proposals, because I firmly believe we will get quite some proposals that would easily deplete the amount of FCT, especially with current prices.

I would have other questions as well, but don't want to sound negative or anything, because I really applaud what you have done so far with the bot and with a good proposal I could definately see BIF supporting it.
The TFA bot has been an incredibly useful project for us. That being said, it is a very well functioning product as is, and I would probably rather see TFA's developer power going toward building higher priority projects. Some of the listed things would certainly be great to add over time, and I dont want to diminish the work on the bot to date, I'm just interested in seeing where else TFA's extensive talent can be applied.
My personal view, is the bot is done. It serves all the requirements we set out to achieve, and more. I have since started working on other unpaid Factom related projects, and will maintain the bot as required on the side.

However there are these outstanding feature requests, and I feel my time is better served doing other things. The purpose of this post is to either draw a line under what has already been done, or work overtime and push on with development.
Regarding the questions about our efficiency as a dev ANO; this will be covered in our quarterly update (which will be released at the end of this month); but to give some insight in what we have developed so far in the addition to the TFA-bot:

- TFA-explorer: Alternative to the Factom explorer with quite a bit of added functionality and features (built from ground up)

- Postgres-DB which will be open sourced: Basically "Factom apollo"-read functionality. Will be very useful for other developers who needs to fetch and organize data from the Factom blockchain as a backend in their software.

- Done preliminary work for our next projects: FactomDB and Streamr-integration

So to summarize; we'd like to continue working on the bot to provide the community with the requested features, but doing so would require a grant for it not to interfere with our other pledges going forward.