Funded [TFA & Bedrock] Ledger Nano S Factom Identity - Amended to fit inside grant pool

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In accordance with Document 152 "Grants 2018-02" section 4.1.8 we are submitting an amended version of TFAs/Bedrocks Ledger Nano S Factom identity grant proposal to "utilize the remaining FCT available in this grant application round".

The 14 grants that fitted fully inside the grant pool totaled 138 510 FCT. With a grant pool size of 143 000 FCT that means there are 4 490 FCT left to be dispersed.

We have adjusted our application to request 4 490 FCT for funding our grant.

This is done by TFA absorbing 1 973 FCT of the firmware development cost, as well as:
- Removed the requirement to optimize the firmware memory usage and explore FCT and EC address signing.
- The development timeline has been stretched by 4 weeks extending the entire grant to 12 weeks.

Thank you to everyone who showed their support for this effort.