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Grant Proposal

Team Member or Entity Forum Username
User: Sphereon
FCT address: FA3P6cLv2Ct2P6SStqhhqagFp9u8kpca9XyJHbhB68v1jeZNFpG8
FCT: 8093

Total FCT Requested

Start Date

Completion Date

Success Criteria
  • 1 medior developer Available Part-time
  • 1 senior developer Available Part-time
  • 1 senior developer Available Part-time
  • Working on core code, Working with Factom Inc and/or other developers
  • Coordination with others, Working with Factom Inc and other developers on coordination of core development

Timelines and Milestones
Senior core developers contributing to core code
Medior core developer contributing to core code

We will have developers (1 FTE) available at the start of the grant period and during the full grant period. We will coordinate with Factom, Inc. and the other community developers to share in the core development work.

As we believe community core development (and therefor this grant) is crucial for the future of the Factom Protocol we have heavily discounted the hourly rate and are applying a rate of just USD 65 per hour).

New Grant Period

Developers 1 FTE – 166 hours x 3 months $ 32.370 | $ 4,00 exchange rate | 8.093 FCT

For this grant we have calculated with an exchange rate (USD 4.00) for the budget.

For those questioning the rate of $ 4.00 and the potential ‘profit’ in case the exchange rate would increase between now and the time of payout, please beware that the exchange rate could also fall and that the previous grant was awarded at an exchange rate of $ 8.00 and thereafter resulted in a considerable ‘loss’. As well as this is a rate we do not use outside of the Factom ecosystem and are already providing additional FTE free of charge.

We request 8,093 FCT for the continuation of this grant for this 3-month period.


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@Niels Klomp @Sphereon

Today is your grant start date! We look forward to regular updates from your team.

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We are working towards a Beta release of the live-feed API. Currently we are waiting on review/approval of the Pull Request on the factomd side That should make it into the Xuan+1 release. The live-feed API needs mainly some work on the documentation parts. 2 blog posts are nearly ready about the project which will be posted soon as well. We will do a more detailed follow up of what we have been doing exactly for the live-feed API. Attached you will find the tickets our devs have been recently working on (the board was newly created a few weeks ago instead of being part of another project before).