Short term and long term stakeholder building

Hi All, and a special warm welcome to our community manager @KevInc

One of the main focus points of my guide re-election campaign, besides adding additional standing parties to our governance, was to reach out to more people and organization using workshops, presentations and writing articles. I believe we as a community need to work together to form a strategy to make sure we grow all different types of stakeholders.

Attached you will find the growth of our Discord server over time. You will see a high correlation between token price increase and member increase. I'd like us to increase these numbers based on our combined efforts and make sure the protocol becomes more valuable instead of relying on price only. If we do ok, if should mean price will follow these efforts to some degree anyway.

First of all I have created a small list of stakeholders. I will create several separate threads per stakeholder type to discuss these separately as sometimes they need different approaches. I left out exchanges on purpose for the time being. Unless the Exchange committee feels otherwise, I believe the committee is actively focused on getting more exchanges to our ecosystem. I wanted to start out discussions about developers, ANOs and FCT holders first, as these are the parties I personally feel could be served best by some actions/changes short term to provide a meaningful impact. The idea is to create an action list short and long term to build out each individual stakeholder type.

I would like us to have this thread for generic discussions about building out our ecosystem. Of course our stuff like social media, our protocol website, Factomize forum are also part of this discussion. I would love to hear some feedback, input and ideas first. We will probably create new threads per subject as we go along (besides the threads about the stakeholders).

Thank you all in advance :)

- Developers (core and probably focus on non-core)
- Authority Node Operators
- Crypto investors (FCT holders)
- Liquidity providers (OTC, Exchanges, other investors)
- Organizations and users of the protocol (direct end users, BaaS providers + subdivision of target markets)
- Governance and legal

Hi Niels,
Thank you for starting this important piece of work (in line with your Guide election commitment). It is not that others have not been doing doing a great job of growing the community, as can be seen from the graph, but this starts to give us focus and by focusing on a few areas rather than a lot means we are more likely to succeed.
I like the list of stakeholders you have generated and cannot see any concerns with it.
To try to kick things off and just taking one of the stakeholders, the FCT investors, it strikes me that there is a lot of "missdirected" comment from the investment community. It would be great to give that community more context for their primary focus, price. We could perhaps look at short term and long term price drivers and give this group data with which to work. We obviously would not want to break any confidences about upcoming clients and contracts etc but there must be a lot we could do.