Sharing PegNet related news in the Factom Discord

Hey everyone. I wanted to put fourth a sort of call-to-arms initiative in regards to ensuring that people share PegNet related news in the #news-and-announcements channel on the Factom Discord. I noticed that some things weren't always getting cross posted which is fair given that it hasn't really been a concerted effort by the community. Sharing our successes is one thing that I think this ecosystem can do better at. At the lowest level, we need to make sure that we have our communication down internally before we can capitalize on spreading our word externally. The segregation of our discussions is an unfortunate side effect of having multiple platforms for communication. With that said, I do think that having a separate Discord for PegNet probably does make sense given the scope of the project. This initiative is just to try and ensure that the assimilation of knowledge between our different platforms happens harmoniously and in such a way that notable information reaches all ends of our ecosystem.

Some examples of things that I think that are worth sharing are any sort of notable news article or press release related to the project.

I know many people have already been doing this and it's not targeted at any particular person. I just wanted to bring it up for discussion with something formalized so that it becomes a conscious effort by our community.
I definitely agree about the importance of making sure info is shared among Factom/PegNet forums. I think this is one of the lowest of the "low-hanging fruit" we can use to generate discussion and exposure.

I wonder if it would make sense to assign one person to this role, to make sure all important info is shared across all relevant forums? I appreciate the spirit of everyone pitching in to make sure info is shared, and maybe that will work. But instead of having 100 people do one job it may makes sense for one or two people to "own" this ...? Either via the marketing grant or through another standalone grant.
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Yeah I think thats a good idea for official stuff like press releases and things like exchange listings. For things like sharing media coverage and what not I think it's probably best to leverage the broader community as it's difficult for a small handful of people to keep up with everything. With that said, I would still be in favour of having a dedicated group doing that as well. Perhaps we could have a bounty board for the grant system where we can post that we are looking for people to fulfill these sorts of tasks.

I think it's something that needs to get ingrained within the culture of our community where if someone sees something shared in one branch of the ecosystem then they should either prompt the poster to share it in the other branches or take it upon themselves to share it. I think to start if we all just try to be conscious of that when new things are shared it will go a long ways.