Self introduction

The world economy has grown considerably compared to 20 years ago, so it is a very prosperous scene. But such achievements can only be compared with the past. Now that the real economy has reached the ceiling, it is necessary to look for new economic models to try. The internet economy has developed rapidly, but many people in this area have already been withdrawn. Obviously, it is not easy to succeed in this.
Another new economic situation has emerged: it is the cryptocurrency economy, for example Bitcoin and litecoin are all cryptocurrencies that are a major concern. However, there are relatively few people in this sector, so I came here to talk about this new economic situation, together with people who share the same ideas with me. In the future I will publish some knowledge of industry, news and my opinions from time to time. I am very grateful for this platform.

This is a great community, working very hard on achieving Factom as a powerful real world tool for data security. I think you'll find plenty of good conversations going on here, albeit fairly focused on Factom.

Thank you for your "welcome" and thank you very much. I've just touched on the blockchain industry, and the most widely used blockchain application is currently cryptocurrencies, so I just like to join this forum and hope to find friends who have the same interests as me. Thanks again!!!!