Rough draft scripts for the five marketing videos grant

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The Factomize grant for five marketing videos passed and I've created a list of six possible videos and a rough draft of scripts for you all to review and improve if so desired. Various things:

1. Feel free to suggest new videos. If you'd like to write an accompanying script you're welcome to but I'm happy to if I know the subject. Please keep in mind the marketing committee is creating a 2 minute general explainer video. These videos are to be 30-45 seconds long.

2. Once the community has approved the scripts, I will put them all up for a vote so the Standing Parties can decide which 5 they want to move forward with.

3. Please make any suggested edits direct into the document.

4. Once the videos are voted on, we'll move forward with production in order of vote score with the highest first.

Here are the scripts

Note that those entities who are mentioned by a video will have final editorial rights and right of refusal to have the video made (I've contacted everyone mentioned).

- Thank you to @Valentin Ganev for your approved edits.
- Thank you @CryptoLogic for suggesting a 7th video topic (Factom History) and writing a draft script. It has been approved so it can be further edited.
- Thanks to all the anonymous editors. Login if you want a shoutout for future edits :)
- Thank you @Nic R and @Samuel Vanderwaal for your contributions.
- Nice job with the editing @88mph -- thank you.
- Thank you @Keith Pincombe for suggesting an 8th, 9th, and 10th video (Factom Open Node, Factom Community, and Addressing the crypto securities issue for companies) and writing starter scripts. They have been approved for further editing.
- I appreciate the edits @Ben Jeater
- Your help is appreciated @Paul Bernier thank you.
- Thank you for your contributions @Brooke Glew
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Thanks @David Chapman .. I've made some suggestions. One of the repeating suggestions is to link directly to pages on the FP site that are relevant to the video the audience will be watching. We want to make it easy for traffic to find the info they're looking for.. it's a good exercise to see what content is needed on the protocol site imo. Eg, if the video is about FAT, the web address should lead straight to the page that has content on FAT.

Fantastic to get these scripts together so fast David, thank you!