RewardChain: Initial Pledges

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--Utilize Factom to establish immutable audit trails for a token sale

--Use blockchain technology to build SaaS applications for enterprise customers

--Build software applications using Factom, such as a Factom Node Manager


--Contribute high value, ongoing development and marketing initiatives to the Protocol

--Set an example of a professional, effective, genuine team running Auth Node(s), with an
intention of encouraging and supporting a high standard of performance for Auth
Node(s) right from the start of M3

--Provide consistent stability to the protocol in every way possible through the running of
our Authority Server(s)

--Exhibit a high level of transparency

--Engage in open and effective communication with the Factom community, other Auth
Node(s) and all parties relevant to the Protocol

--Build a successful long-term company running Auth Node(s), ultimately with a large
number of full-time employees delivering both development and marketing efforts to the

--Do all we can to provide greater than 99.99% uptime for our Auth Node(s)

--Provide 24/7 availability to deal with server issues, responding in under 1 hour to any
unexpected server issue; with a goal to always respond in under 5 minutes.

--Remain functional and further the Protocol, regardless of the price of FCT and BTC

--Keep the community and Standing Parties up to date with our contributions and progress

--Publish development roadmaps for each new project


2 nodes: 35%
1 node: 35%
You are viewing an older update. There is a newer update available.