Question for The Factoid Authority from Colin Campbell

Benjamin Dufty

The Factoid Authority
Hi Colin,

These are loaded questions, but we will try our best to answer them.

Are you able to take part in a relaunch of the protocol under a new name?

This assumes that consensus has been reached to do a rebrand – we have our own opinions on the effectiveness of a rebrand in the protocol’s current state. We don’t think it will have an impact unless it’s coupled with a big protocol update or some other worthy news. We are by no means marketing people, but we can’t envision a simple name change with new shiny brochures moving the needle. Then again, what do we know? If the protocol goes that way, we will certainly take part and offer whatever we can in that regard.

Are you willing to work as a team instead of against each other to promote the protocol and gain the resources needed?

We don’t believe anyone’s intentionally working against each other. This decentralized governance thing is difficult. But we can see where you’re coming from as it certainly appears that way when it’s so difficult to reach consensus. Marketing is not easy, especially in this environment. We think for a start we need to get the basics right – which involves FREE social media. If we can all start engaging, retweeting etc in one place i.e working together, that would be a good start in our opinion and we are more than willing to participate in coordinated efforts like this – we just need a coordinator.

Or do you prefer to do nothing and hope for a miracle?

Again, we can see where you’re coming from. But you have to keep in mind there are many ANOs doing much more than “nothing”. Marketing is far from our particular strength. Not to volunteer anyone but our feedback to Matters was that we hope they would get involved in Marketing again. As stated above, we think a good start would be a social media coordinator and we would support them (or someone else) lowering efficiency.