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@David Chapman asked the following question:

Thank you for sticking with Factom through thick and thin. We know it hasn’t been easy at times. Let us first say, we want all existing ANOs and the protocol to succeed. Our hope is that every ANO becomes critical to the ecosystem and we take Factom to the next level. We believe that in a fast moving industry like crypto where Factom is under-funded compared to other platforms, we must be very smart with our resources. That means every ANO must be critical to the ecosystem. As such, we are asking every ANO the following question:

Do you believe your ANO is critical to the Factom ecosystem where, if you left, it would materially impact Factom’s chance of success? If yes, what makes you critical? If not, how do you plan to change that and what is your timeline?

Samuel Vanderwaal

Canonical Ledgers
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@David Chapman asked the following question:
We actually reject the premise that every ANO has to be "critical" to the Factom ecosystem. We suspect there are only maybe 2-3 ANOs who would significantly impact the protocol's likelihood of success by leaving (Factomize is one of them). For everyone else, they can be replaced by another entity without significant disruption to the community and ecosystem. That is the whole point of decentralization. If we're reliant on a couple of figureheads, a rockstar developer, a single leader, then we're not a decentralized protocol that is going to last. Factom needs to become bigger than individual personalities and even companies.

So, no, we do not think that Canonical Ledgers is critical to Factom in the way you seem to be asking about.

We do think that we are a solid ANO that meets all expectations for being an ANO. We keep our servers secure and updated, we participate materially in governance, we build tools for the community to use, we help out other members of the community with technical issues, and we are attempting to find ways to bring usage to the protocol. In addition, we are one of the few ANOs from the earlier cohorts which has never adjusted its efficiency from its pledged number despite seeing the FCT price go from $30 down to less than $2. We are able to keep going at these depressed prices because we're an efficient and lean ANO. We believe this is exactly one of the kinds of ANOs Factom needs right now.

We recognize that you may have a different view on ANOs and Factom and that's fine. If you disagree you are free to remove standing from our ANO with no social repercussion.