Q4 2018 ANO Update

Previous Updates

--Build a new paper wallet for Factom, including web app (grant)

--Technical integration with other blockchains


--Evangelize Factom at several blockchain conferences and events

--Sponsor the monthly chapter meetings of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society in Austin (grant)

--Advise Factom on how to scale Facebook engagement

--Facilitate introductions to Huffington Post tech writer, community organizers in Europe and content creators in China

--Share internal solutions which protect against the exploitation of common attack vectors and crypto storage pitfalls

--Create a new Factom explainer video

--Work with cryptodisrupt.com to write and publish articles on Factom, distributed through their site and social media


--Two testnet nodes


--Participating in governance

--If not allocated grants, work will continue on proposed projects at a slower pace
Current Update: Q4 2018 ANO Update