Please provide the following information for the November 29th - December 1st ANO AMA

Unrestricted Public Thread

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Greetings ANOs,

This thread is to formally signup for the November 29th - December 1st ANO AMA by providing the following:

A. The Reddit username(s) of who will be taking part in the AMA on behalf of your team.
B. Your website if you have one.
C. Your ANO twitter account if you have one.

I will be creating a table listing ANOs, usernames taking part, twitter accounts, and websites of ANOs like I did last time. I will also be linking to your ANO / team profile so please take the time to fill in your ANO and team info as explained here.

AMA Timeline

1. On November 28th at approximately 18:00 UTC I will post the AMA thread on Reddit so people can begin to submit questions.

2. On November 29th at 18:00 UTC ANOs can begin answering questions and the community can continue to ask questions. The thread will be stickied and I'll post a new, non stuck thread that directs people to the AMA.

3. On December 1st at 23:59 UTC the AMA officially ends but the community and ANOs are welcome to continue to engage each other within the thread.

Thank you.
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