Oct 25 update on factombeat.com transition to protocol website

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Public announcement that was made on Factomize on Oct 25th. The link to the thread is here: https://factomize.com/forums/threads/matter-of-fact-efficiency-change.1033/

Factom Community:

This is a notice to the ANO and Factom community that Factombeat.com will dissolve once the new neutral Factom Community protocol site is launched. Around this time, Matter of Fact will raise its efficiency and become a high efficiency infrastructure node with our team members offering our marketing and networking services by continuing to develop and focus on the success and endeavors of the Factom Marketing Committee.

Aspects of our achievements such as: a comprehensive ANO contact list and company description, archive of ANO, and hackathon interviews, General Factom related news and information articles, Factom Wiki, Press Release system, anonymous suggestion box (where responses will be handled neutrally by the marketing committee and reported to the general community at ANO meetings), and anything else that could serve the community in a positive manner; will be transitioned over to the neutral protocol website under the discretion of the marketing committee and other neutral moderators of the protocol website.

This decision has not been taken lightly by our team. In our opinion, having a one-stop-shop for everything Factom related is in the best interest of the protocol and community. Collaboration is an essential element of our application to the Authority Set and we feel that we can fully expose and offer our collective skills through selfless communal efforts within the marketing committee. We fully support the decision for Factomize moving over to the neutral protocol website and feel it would be best for our efforts to be realized on this platform as well. We are strongest as a community with our efforts combined and not divided. Since the rollout of M3 and with the recent resignation of BlockParty, we have witnessed numerous requests for more high efficiency infrastructure ANOs. These results can be equally realized with Matter of Fact becoming a high efficiency infrastructure node.

Our primary goal is to collaborate with the community and serve the community in a manner that creates an optimal and unified message for a global audience. We believe this is the correct path on that journey. Thank you for your time.
A public response that was made on Discord in regards to efficiency change, dated 10/25/13

The general range for high efficiency infrastructure nodes is 60-70% for two nodes atm and we will start within this range. The next few weeks will have some very fluid and dynamic changes in regards to material and articles that may or may not be included in the neutral protocol website, continued use of our PR software, and other elements of factombeat that may or may not be incorporated. Depending on how all the circumstances play out in the next coming days/weeks will determine the exact percentage of efficiency within the range supplied above
You are viewing an older update. There is a newer update available.