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Tuesday Nov 20, 2018 was the first marketing meeting since our announcement to raise efficiency. Prior to meeting a conversation was had with myself and Spencer from DBGrow on elements of Factombeat that may or may not be incorporated into the protocol website. At this time it seems as quite a few elements will be used on the protocol website and during the next two weeks. Spencer and I are going to be working intimately to decide what those elements are and than make a proposal to the general marketing committee.
Currently our graphic artist is taking information from two different pages on Factombeat (Factom Authority Node Operators and Factom Authority Node Contact List - Both can be found on this link ). For a single ANO, the information found on these seperate pages will be combined into a single PDF document that outlines a single ANO company information and contact information. Once the template is created it will be shared with the marketing committee for review.
Meanwhile, Maxlambda, Brooke, and myself continue to be instrumental in the workings of the marketing committee. Assisting in general protocol marketing and the development of the protocol website.
Matter of Fact recently arranged for Paul Snow to be on a panel in DC that received some coverage from Forbes and other large media outlets.
You are viewing an older update. There is a newer update available.