Nic Robinette Joining DBGrow

DBGrow is happy to announce that Nic Robinette (previously Sanfranseahawk) will be joining DBGrow as a "Governance Builder". DBGrow believes that building a strong governance and community is vital to the future of this protocol, and as an ANO of the protocol, we would like to dedicate personnel focused solely on building the Factom ecosystem and governance structure.

@Nic R will work with the community on topics like structuring grant/ANO rounds and establishing a non-profit, take community requests for things like the protocol website, and contribute to developing the protocol's governance structure and document set.

Nic is especially interested in pushing for greater representation of the wider factom community, and will specifically be working toward solutions to further decentralize the standing parties.

Nic is a natural fit based on his good nature, positive outlook, writing abilities, and geographical proximity to the rest of DBGrow. We also believe that Nic has demonstrated enthusiasm and a fair and balanced perspective as a Factom protocol community member. We are excited to be working with him!