New Modification: How to create an "ANO Only Poll"

After discussions with ANOs like @Neo, @xavierwjc, and @MattO and observing the needs of the community, Factomize decided to create a custom modification for this forum's software that should make voting via polls for Authority Nodes a more efficient process. You can now create polls that ONLY Authority Nodes can vote on that also have a few other features I'll showcase.

1. To create an ANO only poll, start a thread and select the poll option at the bottom like you normally would:

2. Once you select to post a poll, fill in all the options as you normally would and then select "Authority Node Operators Only".

3. Once the poll is created, only Authority Node Operators will be able to vote on the poll and ONLY ONE person from the ANO will be able to vote. Anyone from the ANO can vote, but once they do, others on the team will not be able to. In addition, a list of those ANOs that have not yet voted on the poll will be displayed:

4. Once an ANO votes, the username of the team member that voted will be displayed as well as their ANO name. Their ANO will be removed from the list that have not yet voted.

We feel this will greatly increase the efficiency of ANO votes going forward. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please let us know!
I would like to request one minor feature. Can you add a button to save/download the poll result after the poll has closed? Right now we only take screenshots to save the result. But it would be better to save that information on excel sheet for data tracking purpose. Later on when we have 65 ANOs, the need to export to spreadsheet will be even more important. Otherwise we have to do manual copy/paste/reformatting which will lead to mistakes. Maybe something simple like export the JSON string if that's what you're using. Or even better, export a CSV file.
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My rationale is more efficient management of data. For our upcoming meeting tomorrow, I was planning to fill in this spreadsheet as a summary of our voting activities. ( Without something to summarize our decisions, the community will have to go through screenshots of 10+ polls from one meeting alone. During election time if we want to see how ANOs participate in these polls, we'll have to go through hundreds of screenshots. So something similar to zoom export of poll results will be useful for effective aggregation of poll data. (

If we factorize the actual poll result, not just the hash then that's a good solution too. As long as we don't run into issue with legal, especially in EU with the privacy concerns.