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Dear community!

To drop few sentences about my background and motivation.. I'm a seasoned IT professional with 15 years of experience in fintech industry. My main focus is system and application integration and automation. In other words building and operating mission critical systems. I have more than solid experience with software development and testing, architecture, technical project management and requirement engineering. Apart form my dayjob Im spending a lot of time in crypto space participating on various projects, supporting testnets, mining. Over last 4 years I have participated in numerous projects. For last 5 months I'm mining Pegnet a level 2 solution on factom chain. Over the time I have build a solid factom infrastructure, redundant and load-balanced to support my mining operation and I would like to contribute to factom network by becoming an ANO. Therefore I have decided to start with testnet TA application and build my reputation from ground up. I will provide a stable, monitored node, updated on time and with 99,9% up-time. I exclusively use top datacenters and host services on dedicated (iron) servers with minimally 1Gbit connection. I'll be happy if you would consider me a good candidate for the TA. Cheers!
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Hi Nakashu, I can appreciate new blood coming into the system, welcome. :) Ill ask this question to all candidates.

I'd like to hear how you plan on running the testnet. I think the testnet is one of the most under-utilized assets we have. It seems to exist just to exist. When a new release comes about we upgrade the servers to the new version and the testnet mostly sits. Sure, a few 'transactions per second' tests are run but its not used and abused as much as I feel it should be. I personally would like to see some types of automated regression testing set up so they trigger every day, and we can monitor performance over time, or some other type of usage that can help detect problems earlier. Can you please explain what proactive measures you plan on taking beyond the usual: "when Factom tells us to upgrade, I'll send the word out to the ANOs to update".
Hi @Michael Lam!

Thank you for your question.

What I usually do on testnet is running the node with debug level set in logging options and save the logs to files. log files are rotated every day, if node does not have the feature, I write a script and schedule it.. Subsequently I analyse the existing files (again scheduled scripts) looking for exceptions and errors. All occasions are saved to separate file and email alert is being triggered for errors. I like the way debug level of logs is implemented in factomd, Automatically sorting different events to separate files by category, which makes it easier for me to analyse(and report..).
But as you mentioned, some kind of testing/network utilization is needed in order to produce some logs. I can Imagine compiling a set of basic actions that can be executed on schedule bringing "some" utilization to the testnet. For a regression test set it would need do employ some advanced software solution, maybe something like selenium/cucumber and create the testsuite and maintain it, which is kinda heavy on resources. In any way I will be happy to discuss this further and use my experience I have gained over the years.

Thank you for throwing your hat in the ring.

You recently inquired about becoming an ANO. If you became testnet admin but were not promoted to ANO in the shorter term, do you see that negatively impacting your drive to continue as the testnet admin?
Hi @David Chapman

IT is my job and hobby. I love to play around with systems making them work, interconnect, run them with availability and stability in mind.. because I can... Im currently running 2 factom production nodes with load ballancer in front to ensure highest possible availability for my Pegnet mining operation. I will do this regardless of becoming an ANO or not. I opted in for TA because I have the capacity to run testnet node(s) and it will not take too much of my time once all my usual automation is set up. If it can help to make factom more stable i'll be happy to contribute with my 2 cents.. Looking forward for things to come.
Hi @David Chapman
I opted in for TA because I have the capacity to run testnet node(s) and it will not take too much of my time once all my usual automation is set up. If it can help to make factom more stable i'll be happy to contribute with my 2 cents.. Looking forward for things to come.
Unless I'm misinterpreting you, and ignore me if I am, I think there's a slight disconnect here.

The Testnet Admin role isn't the same as just running a testnet node. The Admin role means you will be overseeing the entire testnet and all the other parties running testnet nodes. That means that ideally you will be onboarding new nodes, making sure everyone's updated, offer technical help, coordinating new Factomd releases with core devs (to have it run on testnet first), coordinating stress tests, etc.
agree it is kinda disconnected, I should refrain from replies form mobile while travelling.. :)

I believe I would make a good admin for testnet of factom. I have spent many professional years building and managing/administering test envoronments at several companies (apart from taking care about production env. Automating and integrating systems and applications.
I did not planed to disclose my real name yet but please check my professional path here:

I have spent last 4 years in cryptosphere running dozens testnetworks, beta, alpha.. various technologies, consensus types.. POW, POS, dPOS, and few hybrid and experimental approaches.. Its never ending learning process which I enjoy very much.. I have currently 20+ dedicated servers in top datacenters around the world.. Im taking part in PegNet, GXchain, CODA, Oasis, TOP Network and David Shaums Elixxir/XXcollective.. before it was veriblock, quarkchain, BlockCollider, SERO and others.

its pitty that I did not look into Factom sooner because i consider the system highly sofisticated and usefull. I would definitely be in already.

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Hi @nakashu, Thank you for applying to be the Factom Testnet Administrator. :)

This has historically been an undervalued role. As indicated by the new Testnet Governance Process we are beginning to properly value the Testnet. I like the capability you have outlined above but would like to be sure that you have fully appreciated to the scope and responsibilities of the role as described in the Testnet Governance Document and alluded to by @WB above.

1) Could you please summarise what you see as the main aspects of being Testnet administrator?

2) What in your mind are the priorities for future Testnet development?
Hi @Mike Buckingham

Thank you for your questions.

Test environments and testing/qa is in software development in general under-valuated and considered a necessary evil, often skipped because of "time constraints".. This leads in a lot of cases in unnecessary production issues where bugs or miss-configuration could have been easily discovered in staging area.

ad 1.
- taking managerial and technical ownership of the environment
- liaise with developers/stakeholders (committees) on upcoming activities
- ensuring that network is ready to deploy new software releases and provide "production like" grounds for testing new features
- supporting all testing activities
- ensuring proper regression and load testing
- being the go to "entity" for any technical questions from testnet participants
- analyse results/performance and take care about proper communication/reporting
From my experience the most important things in test environments are
- availability
- production like quality of environment
- automated regression testing
- automation in general

As I currently don't have any access to existing environment(s) I cant say what is in place and what needs to be done, but im looking forward to find out and put my brains and hands into work.

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