Tracking [Matt York-Paul Bernier-DBGrow-Canonical Ledgers-1] FAT Smart Contracts 2 - Development


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Grant Proposal

Team Member or Entity Forum Username
User: Matt York
FCT address: FA35Kd1Ac1aQXEHPxYTR6jNDPuwVoh6APQQGKViceQTedyE7J2vV
FCT: 200

User: Paul Bernier
FCT: 200

User: David Chapman
FCT address: FA3nsSjUy5uSkqMEug8t3VcehZn5w2ciSMpgqFEEsMRwMrHoa9k3
FCT: 300

ANO / Committee
Group: DBGrow
FCT address: FA3HSuFo9Soa5ZnG82JHqyKiRi4Pw17LxPTo9AsCaFNLCGkXkgsu
FCT: 7550

Group: Canonical Ledgers
FCT address: FA2xccSAfhGm5k4tPaXF9741xkQ52drWjoJodQhpPxDxepdqasMM
FCT: 5500

Total FCT Requested

Start Date

Completion Date

Success Criteria
Standards and documentation clearly define the solution:
Questions from the community are addressed, included in docs, and fixes are made based on feedback

Securely implement a backwards compatible contract solution on FAT:
Existing FAT balances are not affected by implementing contracts. Contracts do not open vulnerabilities

Contract solution is open, decentralized, trustless, censorship resistant:
Anyone can use the contract system and FAT. All designs and code remain open source and free to use

Clients and tooling are made compatible with the new solution:
Fat-js and the fat-cli support the new features relating to contracts

Timelines and Milestones
Create Smart Contract FAT Standard - M1 - Week 3

Implement new validation rules into FAT Daemon in prep for SC support - M1 - Week 4

Support basic contract establishment mechanics in fatd - M2 - Week 6

Expose contracts to calls via signed transactions - M2 - Week 8

Update existing documentation - M3 - Week 10

Enable SC support in fat-js for new FAT Daemon functionality & validation - M3 - Week 11

Final integration testing - 4 - Week 13

Total Project Budget:

13,750 FCT

DBGrow: 7550 FCT

Canonical Ledgers: 5500 FCT

David Chapman (Factomize, Sponsor): 300 FCT

Matt York (Factom Inc, Technical Advisor): 200 FCT

Paul Bernier (Luciap, Technical Advisor): 200 FCT
I'm Sponsor for this grant and can confirm that a discussion medium has been setup for efficient communication and that all recipients have received their grant funds. The first milestone for the grant is due at week 3 and 4. I'll update the community next at week 3.

Milestone 1
- Create Smart Contract FAT Standard - Week 3
- Implement new validation rules into FAT Daemon in prep for SC support - Week 4