Marketing Working Group


Now more than ever we need to show the world that the Factom community still exists. I believe that most of the community wants to help market Factom but lack any kind of direction and strategy to set off in motion. At present any marketing effort that is undertaken by a member of the community is undermined by the lack of support and follow-through of the community.


1. Provide a strategy to the community for marketing Factom.
2. Establish an active point of contact for marketing advice, materials, and access to social media accounts.
3. Provide regular updates to report on performance and participation.

This group is open to any individuals who wish to discuss, formulate and propose a strategy to the community for how to market Factom.
Thanks for starting the discussion Keith.

Firstly: I'd like to join, please!

I think there is so much that can be done organically between us. Like you say, many people want to contribute but don't know how at this stage.

I'm proposing giving Social Media access to this Working Group who will work together to post content.

Then by creating a #marketing channel on the FCT Discord that everyone can read and post to, we can engage the community again from within. Anyone will be able to post suggestions, or linked articles in that channel. The Working Group could then pick up on these ideas for content creation and upload them.

Using Buffer (a modern Hootsuite), we can protect the actual accounts, and just give login credentials to the Working Group members.

We have an army of marketers waiting to be activated.

I think one of the problems has also been dilution of efforts. We have 25 different ANO twitter accounts, under totally disparate names providing little value. In the future, i'd like to see us filter that down into only several Factom accounts - such as "Factom Official". "Factom News". "Factom Beat".

I'd also like to put all of our blog posts together under one Medium account.

These simple efforts present a united front, and a more professional face for the protocol.

This isn't a chore; this will be fun. This could bring us together, working alongside each other again. Adding value to the protocol, and growing the community again.
I've set up a Medium account for us to assimilate previous blogs and write new ones.

It's a way for us to all contribute to the same place, link to and post lots of content - both old and new.
I think Medium blog instead of standalone is good idea.

1. If Marketing Committee decides so, may be moved to Medium
2. You might want using Factom Protocol logo on Medium, rather than Factom Inc's.

So for example, this blog post. It should be getting 50x claps from > 20 people involved in this ecosystem at time of publishing. Every tweet, post and blog should be getting huge love from ANOs at the very least.

It's this kind of active support, and community engagement we would aim to achieve through this Working Group.
I think this is a great discussion, and would be interested to see if there's a way I could help out.

I agree with @Colin Campbell and @Keith Pincombe about the dilution of effort so far, and the need for a coherent front.

I have a ton of ideas about how to increase Factom's exposure, as I'm sure others do. So the challenge seems to me to be how to find the right structures/processes to encourage marketing coherence.

I've mentioned my background in various places before, but my main skill is in writing/editing. I worked for a decade as a literary editor/publisher at a press called McSweeney's, which was called the "first bona fide literary movement in decades" by Salon. I mention this because there ARE strategies for generating excitement that we can use to promote Factom, but again I see the key to success as finding the structures/processes that are genuinely synergistic.

I also totally agree that this could—should—be FUN. I think there's been a heaviness around Factom that would be good to throw off. If this turns into a slog, that will be conveyed to observers. If this an exciting process that allows us to gradually break the mold of Factom's past (caterpillar -> butterfly), then that excitement will also be conveyed to observers.

Anyway if there's a chance for me to help out in some way, I'd be interested in exploring that. Thanks for the great discussion so far, and I'll looking forward to seeing where this goes.
That’s awesome; we are trying to keep it fun and light hearted.

I’d love to see the #marketing-publicity channel on Discord lit up with ideas from everyone.

Whether that’s strategy, tweets, blogs or other content.

At the moment I’m thinking the Layer2 angle is very strong.

Every popular blockchain has something they’re known for. Ours can be layer2 - with layer 3 and 4 apps on top.

With the upcoming ERC20->FCT bridge, we can push ETH apps and products onto Factom, to suddenly make them a viable business.

That’s our hook.

- Factom is an Oracle to the Worlds data. Hosting layer2 apps and platforms, tokenisation and digital ID frameworks.

- Scale dApps beyond today on Factoms layer 2.

Totally agree that we need to pay more attention to marketing role in Factom protocol. As an only ANO in Asia, we always try to figure out how we could best drive value to Factom, especially in marketing perspective. During Q1, we have translated qualified articles about factom and posted on vary social media platforms, and also have held a Factom-focused AMA etc. We will continue to speak up for the Factom and to contribute more in near future.