Grant Update Marketing & Website Initiative

While the Marketing & Website Initiative is not a grant, I would like to be transparent, accountable, and engage the community with this project as if it were a grant. As such, I am creating an update thread for this project. It will also be useful to have a second thread here as we test out this system for grant updating.

This thread will be used as an experiment on having a central place to update the progress of a grant over time. I believe that having a single thread to post the most important updates from a grant or project will be beneficial to the entire community. I hope this will bring transparency to grants and can be used as a central, factomized, audit trail for grant progress.

I also believe that such a system will better engage the community in endeavors within this ecosystem. We should all be engaged and excited with how this ecosystem is progressing, and I hope such a system will help facilitate that. I hope that a system like this becomes the standard in the future for all grants.

I would appreciate any and all feedback on the usefulness of this thread, the optimal amount of updates, what information should be posted here, and any ways I can make this process better. I ask that this update thread be used only for updates from the project managers and any sponsors that may be brought on. I will create a second thread in the Grant forum for all discussion on this project and our updates. Thank you.
Baltoro's Postponement and DBGrow's Continuation of Work

As many of you are aware, Baltoro has pressed pause on their part of the marketing initiative that we were embarking with them on. Please see this post for more information on that. Baltoro has still offered to assist DBGrow in the creation of this website where their expertise will lend itself. I want to make clear that no issues have arisen between Baltoro and DBGrow, their reasons for stepping back, as outlined in their post, are separate from DBGrow. Our visions for this initiative are still very much aligned, I fully intend to work with them on this initiative once they are brought back to the table, and I am fully confident they will continue to do amazing work outside of this initiative until that point in time.

After the community issues of the past week, DBGrow had to take stock of our place in this initiative at the moment as well. While the marketing side of this proposal has been postponed as Baltoro was managing that half of this proposal, we have decided to continue on with our side of the project. This ecosystem needs an entity leading the charge on creating a central protocol website. We believe this website is absolutely essential, and we want to take that step forward. We will continue with our plan to create the website, generate and manage the creation of content for the website and other marketing material, and be open to collaborate on any targeted marketing efforts that are within our scope.
Use of

A second unfortunate update I must present to the community is that for now we have lost the use of After the go ahead from Factom Inc, they further reviewed the implications of such a leasing, and determined that we must postpone the use of There are no strict time frames given now for the use of, but we hope that the issue will be resolved in the near future. We will continue to work with Factom Inc on this and other branding issues as we work to decentralize this ecosystem, and we will update the community with any information we can on this.. For now, we will move forward with developing this website and hosting it at until is available to us.

DBGrow has brought Nic R. (@sanfranseahawk ) on as something similar to a Grant Sponsor for the development of the Factom Protocol Website. While DBGrow plans on updating and engaging the community regularly on this project, we will have a higher degree of constant communication with Nic, so he will be available to update DBGrow's progress as well using this thread, validate our progress updates, and answer questions from the community for us. We're excited to work with him!
High Resolution Factom Logo

Hi Factom community. This is Spencer with DBGrow, I am currently designing and managing development of the Factom protocol website initiative. During the wire-framing process, I created high resolution versions of the community logo that will be used on the website. I thought they would be useful to others, so I am releasing the .SVG and .PNG files here.


Documentation Committee

Hi everyone. In coordination with the protocol website project, we have revived the Documentation Committee, and held our first meeting this week. It was an extremely successful and organized meeting, and we have laid out our initial plans moving forward. Much of our initial set of goals revolve around making a stellar developer portal for

Our plans for that portal can roughly be broken into 5 pieces
  • An index of libraries, 2nd layer technologies, protocols, and APIs built in this community
  • High level tutorials of the Factom Protocol
  • Guides and tutorials for running Authority Nodes
  • Guides on Factomd APIs and general knowledge on building patterns on factom
  • Internal protocol code documentation
We believe that having a strong developer portal in our central website will be crucial as the protocol expands and attracts more potential ANOs, developers, and clients looking to utilize Factom.
Project/Product Promotional Space

Hi everyone. We knew this time was coming, its time to deal with promotional space on the Factom Protocol Website. If we manage to create the kind of website we are hoping for, with large web traffic, promotional space on the website will be very valuable. Here are the categories I can think of that this affects:

- Proprietary products, specifically in our Enterprise Solutions page of the site (These could be very valuable, as they can link directly to sites like and
- Entry Credit stores (same as above)
- Open source technologies, libraries, etc (less valuable, but good exposure to the developer, and pride)
- Articles that we share (If we share and credit from factombeat for example, that give their website exposure)

This issue is especially important if the website is controlled by a foundation, as that foundation will need to stay neutral. It is still important now, as DBGrow has no interest playing favorites.

One way we could approach this for the time being is we could get some general consensus through discussion on what should be visible, and what its order should be. I'll write it up that proposal, and then we can do a factomize poll to get final consensus on it. Whatever we do, I want to stress that it needs to be an efficient process, and we need to commit once decided. We can't get bogged down on this, and I can't tie my developers down with redoing designs and web-dev.

We are seeking to have this process completed within the next few days, as we are still trying to meet our stretch deadlines. If the discussions do not result in consensus, DBGrow will do its best to represent the needs of the entire community in as fair a way as possible. Thank you.

Please give your thoughts here:
Project/Product Promotional Space

If you have a solution, project, product, open source software, or anything you feel should get promotional space on the Factom Protocol Website, please message me on Discord @Julianft, and make a note in this thread if you would like the rest of the community to know you have submitted a request for promotional space.

Please let me know within the next day or so if possible that you are interested, and we can go from there for the specifics.

Thank you.
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Project/Product Promotional Space

If you have a solution, project, product, open source software, or anything you feel should get promotional space on the Factom Protocol Website, please message me on Discord @Julianft, and make a note in this thread if you would like the rest of the community to know you have submitted a request for promotional space.

Please let me know within the next day or so if possible that you are interested, and we can go from there for the specifics.

Thank you.
Blockchain proof-of-possession & existence for your intellectual property
To get it right. The space is for repeatable enterprise applications on the protocol right? Then only a few come to mind currently. As Sphereon is one of the few companies that has these type of products and integrations I won't mind of course. I do however feel some discussions coming up in the near future what would warrant a spot there.
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Nic Robinette (previously Sanfranseahawk) is currently the sponsor on our Website grant. He was brought on just to sign off that the grant was spent on 3rd party costs for building the website. With the spike in FCT price, we are spending the extra money received on such costs for the website, and we still want to ensure that we have a sponsor without any conflict of interest sign off for the community that that is happening, so Nic is stepping down as our sponsor and we will have a new sponsor sign off on it. We are happy to take a sponsor put forward by the community or choose a neutral sponsor ourselves.
Website Update

Q4 has been an exciting period for both DBGrow and the Factom community. We are proud of the progress we have made towards developing into a strong online presence that will allow the Factom Protocol to better engage with enterprise clients, developers, exchanges, and the general public.

DBGrow began the Factom Protocol Website Initiative in order to provide the Factom ecosystem with a website that effectively explains Factom in a comprehensible form, serve as a central informational resource, primary online lead capture, and anchor for the community’s digital marketing efforts.

Over the course of development of the Factom Protocol website, DBGrow worked closely with the Factom Marketing Committee, the Factom Documentation Committee, and content creators throughout the Factom community to produce informative and engaging content that works synergistically with the protocol’s marketing initiatives. We actively sought input from the community to make improvements to the structure/layout, and content to make sure we successfully completed the following goals at launch:

● Explain the Factom Protocol with a low barrier of entry

● Showcase Factom use-cases and POC’s

● Contain developer documents, project examples, and tutorials

● Promote other Factom social media accounts and websites

● Draw in visitors, and efficiently capture and funnel leads

Our work on Factom Protocol Website Initiative is not done. DBGrow will continue to develop the Factom Protocol website into the premier online Factom platform for engaging with enterprise clients, developers, exchanges, and the general public. Our goals for Q1 2019 are the following:

  • Transition the documentation section to a more comprehensive portal for all things developer related. This includes sections for developing on the Factom protocol, core protocol code information, developing with the abundant open source infrastructures being created (FAT, Digital Identities, different language libraries, etc), ANO node information, testnet info, etc.
  • Begin adding foreign language support in major community regions
  • Integrate a Factom Protocol roadmap
  • Integrate additional governance sections like a Bug Bounty system
  • Prepare and begin work on an enhanced Ecosystem section, in accordance with what the community decides is the best structure. This will extend past just the factomize forums and into a more comprehensive portal for community and governance processes.
  • Add additional Enterprise Solutions
  • Continue to decentralize control of the website resources, including working through all legal blockers

DBGrow has enjoyed deepening our relationships with members of the Factom Marketing Committee, the Factom Documentation Committee, and people throughout the ecosystem over the past quarter. We look forward to continue building our relationships and strengthening our collaborations. We are very excited for the future of the Factom Protocol website, and the part that DBGrow will play in its future.
Hi @Tor Paulsen

This thread wasn't for a paid grant, it was just put up as the first thread experimenting with this grant update thread format because I thought we should adopt a grant update thread requirement.

There was a paid grant for 1k FCT a few rounds back, but that was just to reimburse a portion of costs for external developers/software/etc. So long, long gone.

Now that executive power for the websites development has shifted from just DBGrow to the new website committee framework (fulfilling one of our original goals toward decentralizing the websites control, or at least taking a step in that direction :) ), I think it would be best if updates come directly from the website committee.