Grant Update Marketing Committee Paid Campaign - One week in

Hi All,

The marketing committee has temporarily paused the paid marketing campaign after a week of adverts. After the first week review, we noticed some issues. We will have the campaign back up in a couple of days once some additions have been made to the website and we have refined the advert set to perform better.

We have so far only spent 6% of the budget and have already delivered 3,000 visitors to the website. Once the improvements are in place we will be able to better track how these visitors are continuing their journey in the FactomProtocol ecosystem. This will allow for further performance improvements in this and subsequent campaigns.

Any money not spent during this downtime will be spread over the remainder of the month (i.e. higher daily spend) once the campaign is turned back on.
@Alex @Nic R

There are a number of tracking systems installed on the website but the end-to-end tracking is not possible at the moment due to the way the tools have been implemented. Essentially, we're finding that the technology stack of a decentralised organisation is something we should have defined with A LOT of detail up front (we didn't and it bit us). Right now we have:

GrowthFixer - Ad account for Google
BuildingIM - Ad account for Facebook + Twitter
GoImmutable - Google Analytics for
DBGrow - Amplitude analytics for
DBGrow - Mailing list holder
TFA - Discord member numbers

There was also an interesting statistic that one of our advertising routes was getting a 60% bounce rate while another was getting a 90%; we need to review why this is (what is the difference between the two) and rectify it if possible (better targetting, move the spend to the higher performing channel, etc).

Will the results be impacted? Yes and no. Yes, we haven't got the ideal tracking set up so our optimisation hasn't been the best, but the actual output (people on Discord + mailing list) is still trackable (just not all the way through the funnel).

We're currently sharing access between all the parties in our technology stack and we're doing a deep-dive on the performance of the campaign so far so we can optimise our advert set and targetting.
We need to have a rethink of the website front page because I also bounced to be honest.

It’s one giant wall of text. No one wants to be thrust into that.

Let’s lead with videos, infographics and key benefits that draw people in, and motivates them to look further.

You don’t need google analytics to tell you this, just put yourselves in the shoes of newcomers. They want to be captivated, not lectured.

The landing page is a central part of marketing and needs to be more engaging.
I was going to look at the campaigns this weekend but unfortunately I didn't have much time to do so.

I would not dismiss the landing pages based on what was said. We need to build a Sales Funnel and understand the goal of that funnel as well as what type of content we need to hit the user with at any point.

A blog post which is what we have as landing pages right now isn't bad and doesn't need videos nor infographics necessarily. So many people catch interest with a blog post. The bounce rate is not an indicator of anything here. We need an Analytics tool to tell us how much are they scrolling from the page and where they are leaving, etc...

So to have a proper discussion here we need to take a step back. Understand the users we're targeting with our keywords campaigns (what stage of the funnel, how much do they know about crypto, etc..), understand where in the funnel they are, and what type of content would best attract them.

Blog posts, ebooks, infographics, videos, etc... are all content types and they are valid and will be used throughout the funnel. They are great for awareness and initial interest, we don't necessarily want to sell them on anything at the start. So let's start thinking about it that way. Will share more next week.