Marketing Committee May 2019 Report

New Chair Transition

Greg Frost (Go Immutable) has become the new chair of the Marketing Committee following Ben’s departure. We are all sad to see Ben leave, he has done a great deal of work setting up the committee and he has been a great supporter of the protocol. There is however a great deal of work left to be done and Greg is up for the challenge of steering the committee into its next stages. He has an incredible marketing background and we’re excited to see where Greg’s experience will lead the committee in the coming months.

Committee Restructuring

We’re currently in the process of restructuring the committee to ensure we’re better meeting the community expectations. We’ve started with a simple member expectations document to start engagement with the rest of the committee over the restructuring. Each member is being asked to digitally sign that they are committed to these expectations. We have a long way to go but will continue to keep the community updated with our progress.

Marketing Committee 2019 Roadmap

Thank you for everyone who attended the committee roadmap presentation. For those who were unable to attend or would like to view the presentation again. You can do so using the link here.

You can also find the slides to the presentation here.

If you have any questions please direct them to our public Discord

Paid Advertising Marketing Grant

The paid marketing grant has drawn to a close and you can read all the grant reports including the final report on the factomize forum.

Although the grant was completed successfully and Ben did a great job, a lot was learned during the conducting of the grant with regard to community involvement.

Due to a large spike in the value of FCT immediately after the grant round completed we were left with surplus funds. At the time the chairman Ben was holding these funds but since his departure, these funds are now being looked after by the committee treasurer. The plan for these funds, as communicated to the community in the final grant update are as follows:
  • Purchase Ledger Nano for the marketing committee treasurer to manage the committee finances ($60)
  • Fix CoinMarketCap (CMC) Rating powered by FlipSideCrypto. The marketing committee feels it's important to improve this rating - Kevin from Inc did some nice work getting information on the ratings
    • Currently, FCT has an F rating and to get them all the information they grade from requires some technical integrations that they require payment for. Cost is one time total of $750 plus there is an option for some analytics that is $300 for the year (need more info on this before we commit)
    • Our view is this is a necessary payment as CMC gets 10M+ visits a month and is the #1 driver of traffic to the Protocol Website
  • PR outreach opportunities with blockchain influencers/reporters through their Podcast or Youtube channels. As well as pushing Factom Protocol related news out to cryptocurrency newsletters.
  • Community Advocacy Tool
    • This type of tool allows us to put a process to maximize the community network to further all our great messages. We are still researching the best tool and of course identifying an owner of the process
    • $6000/year and can have up to 1000 advocates -
  • Reserve Funds for Opportunistic Campaigns - $
    • Having these funds will allow us to move quickly as opportunities arise. This could consist of sponsorship opportunities, PR, being a speaker, events, etc…
    • Without these funds, we could easily miss out on impactful opportunities. Waiting for grant rounds is not realistic for the speed at which these opportunities move.
    • We will communicate how we leverage these dollars to the community.
    • Additionally, we will be formulating a reserve plan for the marketing committee that will lay out the logic of how much money should be in reserve to be agile.

Explainer Video Grant

The first phase of the explainer video grant has now completed. The Request for Proposal (RFP) process was quite successful with 6 proposals put forward from production companies across the road. Selecting the final candidate was difficult but eventually, it was decided that Story Architects would be the best choice based on price and the quality of work they have produced previously. We are now working with Story Architects to produce a storyboard for the video and look forward to sharing further progress in future updates.

Comprehensive Strategy & Execution Grant

This proposal seeks a grant for marketing services for the Factom Protocol. This grant will identify, contract, and manage entities (agencies and/or individuals) to execute a marketing plan that will increase the global awareness and membership of the Factom Protocol. The approach is holistic and will be a new direction for the marketing of the Factom Protocol.

Full Grant Application can be seen here

Marketing has been an underfunded part of the protocol but we believe 2019 is the time to step things up particularly with the current turn around with the marketing in a whole creating a renewed interest. This grant still represents a relatively small percentage of the total grant pool. We would greatly appreciate your support for this grant.

Blockfolio Signal

As you might be aware Factom has now been included within the Blockfolio Signal program. The committee will be posting news about the protocol along with other social media accounts. If you have any news you think is relevant to the community let us know and we can push it out to all our social media channels.

You can get in contact with us our public Discord

Branding, Media & Social Media

We’ve had a fantastic response to the request for ANO one page summaries, and we now have a full set of summaries for each current ANO. These summaries are now publicly available via Google Drive and will eventually be added to the Factom Protocol website. Please feel free to use these summaries as part of your future marketing of the protocol.

Branding Pack

ANO One Page Summaries

Social Media Report

A dashboard is currently being developed to report on as many key marketing metrics as possible and produce easier to read reports in the future. We intend to publish these statistics as a separate report. Until then we wanted to include a simple breakdown of the current metrics to help provide a better understanding of where we are at present.

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A huge thanks to BIF and community grant the Factom protocol was able to become a Platinum sponsor at the Odyssey hackathon. One of the largest hackathons of its kind in the world, it provided great exposure for the protocol with over 100 teams competing from all around the world. Unlike other hackathons, Odyssey attracts many Corporate, NGOs and Governments so was a perfect place to market Factom.

Many members from the community attended including Paul Snow, Julian Fletcher Taylor, Devon Katz, Stuart Johnson, Niels Klomp, Maarten Boender, and Damien Nichols (Damo).

Paul judged part of the contest, Niels held a workshop on Factom, whilst Maarten and Damien spent a large amount of time speaking with teams, devs, entrepreneurs, writers, and the founder of Odyssey about the benefits of Factom. An Odyssey episode of WhatTheFork?! is coming soon.

The hackathon was a huge success with many new developers getting their hands dirty with the protocol. Factom received a lot of love for its digital identification and tokenization capabilities. With many teams incorporated Factom into their products and stating that they intend to continue to use Factom after the hackathon.