Marketing Committee July 2019 Report

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Blockchain Expo Europe 2019

The community sponsored the London Expo in April. At the very last minute, we discovered this also included sponsorship of the Amsterdam event on June 19th. Thanks in part to the geographical spread of the protocol authority operators Blockchain Innovation Foundation was able to step in and man the sponsored booth. Giving the protocol all-important presence at the event. The marketing committee was also able to help by providing funding for the design and printing of the booths banners.


New Press Release

The committee funded a new press release composed by Mike (Cube3) and Brooke (Matter of Fact). This time to announce four new Authority Node Operators to its decentralized governance model. -

Marketing Grant Update

We’ve received some fantastic responses to our RFP from prominent agencies many of whom have lots of experience in this niche. We’ve received responses from agencies who have worked with blockchains such as Ripple, Ethereum, Dash, Neo, and VeChain. We’re now reviewing the RFPs to determine which agencies we wish to work with.

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Explainer Video Grant Update

The marketing committee helped to decide the art direction of the explainer video grant, deciding that a live-action feel would better represent the business focus of our blockchain and differentiate ourselves from 100s of animated videos out there. The studio is currently working on an initial draft. The next update on the status of the grant is expected in early July.

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Promoted AMA via Reddit Ads

We quickly created a small paid Reddit ad campaign to promote the AMA. It was a quick turnaround due to the spontaneity of the AMA. Results will be reviewed this week mainly based on CTR and targeting.

Comparison Chart

A big thank you to those who helped fill in the comparison chart last month. We’re slowly making progress on this task but could still use more help.

If you are familiar with how the protocol compares with other blockchains. You may be able to give us some insight for an upcoming project we’re working on. Check out the document below and if there is anything you can add please let us know.

- View draft comparison chart -
- Speak to us via our Discord -

Finally, we would also like to welcome new members Robert Leyland and Kevin Korbien to the committee.

Upcoming Marketing Committee Meetings

July 9, 2019 @ 12 UTC
July 23, 2019 @ 20 UTC