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If the community does not want us to continue the work, as it looks now, I will prepare a final report, with the details of the budget and the costs, including copies of the invoices.

(added) For now, FCT 10,000 * $3,22 = $32,200 -/- $14,375 -/- $100 = $ 17,825 left.
@mboender -- could you please clarify what portion of the funds are available? Was the FCT awarded for this grant liquidated at $3.22 or was this just the token price at the time you wrote the post?

Now that the success determination poll has concluded for a while, could you please produce the final report together with the supporting materials that you referred to above?
[Marketing Committee-2] Rebranding Services Financial Report

As the administer on behalf of the (now defunct) Marketing Committee, I submit the report covering the disbursement of the funds awarded to the committee and its workgroup for the Rebranding Services.

As to the details of the activities and work of the Workgroup I defer to the Factomize post of December 14th, 2019:

Financial report
Below is a financial balance for the grant. As stated in the Grant proposal, the grant was requested to pay for the following expenses:
  • Fees for external professionals
    • Brand identity
    • Visual identity
    • Legal groundwork
  • Various out of pocket expenses, such as
    • Travel (if needed)
    • Registration fees and/or taxes
    • or similar

We only incurred external expenses. None of the committee or workgroup members were paid or received any funds for their work.

The remaining balance of € 5.179,68 will remain available for these rebranding expenses.

Alternatively, the funds are available for funding proposals in order to further the Goals and Objectives in line with, or in the spirit of, the original Grant proposal:

1. Develop a new brand identity that includes
  • A brand story
  • A new name
  • A new logo
  • A new color scheme

2. Create new channels for the new brand

  • Domain(s)
  • Social Media
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Reddit
    • Medium
    • Discord
    • Instagram

3. Complete the basic legal groundwork

  • Trademark check and registration
  • Copyright registration