Manipulation of the FCT market, and report to 3 exchanges and force to take action

Trading manipulation Report to 3 Exchanges, and forced them to take action.

It's starting to become more and more clear this pump from last months had nothing to do with the work on this coin, but nothing more then a odenairy price manipulation.

That's why we have report this to 3 exchanges and force them to take action against it, so normal traders will not be left with big losses.

We force them to lock the transfer of FCT between exchanges so the manipulation of there trading scam will not work anymore.

We warning people to be careful if they invest in this coin right now, because after this report there will be a dump of coins possible by the scammers.

Its only a warning, we not say it will be happening !!!!

And we also not post this report to push the price down, no we do because the signs on 3 trading platforms show this scam going on, and you can see for yourself to.

down here a picture with the prove of how they trade, but you better look for yourself.

The key point is that trading platforms have to look better on this kind of manipulation of price pumps and dumps where people can lose big amount of money !!!!!

trading manupilation .jpg
it's not only between bittrex and upbit.
We have look into it already a few days, and its clear there are trading amounts buy low on Bittrex, and sell for a higher price on Poloniex. And that's why the market is really slowly moving down, so they have enough time to transfer.

And by the way ignore this Issue what is clear to many is not smart.

This Mega pump was already not normal, and had make people wake up.
Yea we know the definition of arbitrage, we all know i guess.
The point we make, that traders be careful with there invested money because this "arbitrage" is manipulated with big amounts of btc on Poliniex that can disappear in a few sec and crash the market back to 60.000 where it was before the pump. As also the support was not even 50 BTC. And right now 161 BTC
We will see what Poloniex will do about it, we have send them the information. Its all up to them they will block the transfer of coins between platforms or not. And protect there traders against this manipulation of the price.
And we did reports in the past, and sometime they take action and sometimes not.
But ad least we did what we can to protect the honest people that has not trade with millions.:)(y)