INFRASTRUCTURE | Factom Open Node released

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Current Update: INFRASTRUCTURE | Factom Open Node released
Friday 30th November 2018
Factom Authority Node Operators: De Facto, Bedrock Solutions, CryptoVikings and The Factoid Authority — are proud to announce the availability of Factom Open Node!

→ Press release (Reddit, De Facto blog)

This effort is backed by a Factom Grant — Factom Courtesy Node System

De Facto's pledges in this project:
  1. Development of integration with Cloudflare API
  2. Stalls & timeouts monitoring solution, which automatically enables/disables nodes in the pool
  3. Status website ( development
  4. Setup of cloud load balancer & firewall (w/ Bedrock Solutions)
  5. Load balancer support (w/ Bedrock Solutions)