Incentive for business people to contribute to protocol

Hi all,

For those who I haven't met yet, I'm Vincent and recently joined the Marketing Committee to help with the Paid Marketing campaign. I've been a lurker in the community since April 2017 (from Reddit to Slack to Discord) and finally found some time to help out.

The reason I joined is because I like the Factom Protocol and where it's heading, and that's why I'm willing to spend a bit of my time on it. There's no incentive for business people - like me - to do more for the protocol, as the payments go to Node Operators. And that's why I want to raise the question, how is the protocol incentivising marketing, sales and other business people to join?

I'm highly considering applying for an ANO position and found a great designer, marketer and developer. But I need to have a server administrator in order to apply and have all these talented people work for the Factom Protocol? That seems odd, because that's not our specialty.

To summarize my question: Is there an other way than being part of an ANO for business people to be working on the protocol and getting rewarded for that?
I would say that the Factom Grant pool is designed for this. It already supports 2 core developers working full time on the protocol (outside the Factom core grant), and in theory there is no reason why it cannot also support business oriented efforts.

The way to go about this would be to create a plan for what kind of work that is to be done, how the protocol would benefit from it, how it would actually be performed, what kind of accountability standards would be used and how much FCT you would be requesting.

You can apply in a grant round before the work is done, and have up to 3 months funded in advance, or you can do the work, present the results to the community and request to be paid for the work done.

A grant round is currently just starting, with 7 days left to go before the grant submission deadline.

You can read the document that will govern that grant round here (it is just being voted on right now by the ANOs, but I believe it has enough support now to be ratified).

The grant rounds will be held at a 3 month cadence, so the next round will start in late April.