Headland Inc

Apologies for the delay. Happy to supply whatever you may need. Our site will be up on Monday. Here is our one-pager describing what we do (confidentiality notice removed).

In answer to Niels' questions below:
  1. Our Business Process enablement platform allows our customers to deploy Smart Contracts on different platforms including Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum and Factom.
  2. We use OpenLDAP to connect our Bockchain-Based Identity manager to Enterprise Identity Management systems.
  3. We are working with our initial customers now and will be launching our formal products in June.


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Niels Klomp

BI Foundation
Core Committee
Governance Working Group
Capstan offers a
platform that can work with your existing business process, Microsoft Office 365 and Docusign
Could you elaborate on the current state of the platform you mentioned?