Unawarded [Guides-004] Guide Compensation - 1 Month Extension

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I am posting this grant proposal on behalf of the Factom Protocol Guides. This grant proposal is a one month extension to the existing Guide Compensation grant proposal (protocol grant FACTOM-GRANT-GUIDES-003). The extension would last from 2019-03-07 to 2019-04-07.

The first Guide term comes to an end on 2019-04-07. Therefore, the purpose of this grant is to align the Guide payment periods with the start and end of the Guide terms. The extension would match the existing terms of Guide pay, which is 600 FCT/month pro rata.

Unlike FACTOM-GRANT-GUIDES-003, this grant proposal has not previously been formally voted on by the community. Please check it carefully before casting your vote.

As required by document 153 that governs Factom grant round 2019-01: This is the thread for grant proposal FACTOM-GRANT-GUIDES-004.
The review process starts at 2019-01-31 00:00, so please refrain from starting public review or questions before that time. If you notice clear errors in the proposal you can contact the author of the grant proposal directly.

Edit: I have updated the submission to include the indemnification clause.


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Tor Paulsen

The Factoid Authority
I also support the view that this is not a priority at this stage. The current round is oversubscribed enough as it is.

I do however not want the grant to be pulled, as I haven't put much thought into how to handle that as a a practical matter (it is already included in the public scoring sheet that we have shared)... So if some people remove it and others don't get the memo the rankings might be off.... So I'd prefer to have it included but ranked at the bottom.
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