Guide Removal Process

*The ANO Removal Working Group is not charged with creating a process for removal of Guides at this point in time
*However, the Legal Research Working Group is charged with providing clarity regarding our protocol's endeavors, so please view this as an update from the Legal Research Working Group and not from the ANO Removal Working Group:

  • The governance doc sections 2.1.3 and 2.1.4 provide for the removal of the Guides by the standing party, though this process is not fully laid out.
  • It says that guides can be removed by a vote initiated by at least 10% of the standing party weight. But how to calculate the 10% of the standing party weight?
  • Standing party has various categories of support and according to section 6.2 the categories can be weighted differently. How is each category of support weighted for the purpose of removing a guide?
Moving Forward:

The Legal Research Working Group will work with legal to iron out this process, as this issue really pertains to the much broader issue of standing parties involvement/roles in the protocol in general. As a reminder, all changes to the Governance (which this would be) require approval by both Guides and ANOs.

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my interpretation on guide removal is as such right now. We have two standing parties mostly in place at this point. Guides and ANOs. While there isn't on chain voting yet, we can still aggregate the votes through other communication channels. The governance doc talks about the different weights that each of the branches can exercise. The combination of those two weights (guides and ANOs) would work together for a guide removal to happen.

Guides can be removed by a vote of no confidence initiated by at least 10% of the standing party weight, and voted upon over 30 days. A 51% vote to remove a guide is required.

A motion of no confidence initiated by 50% of the standing party weight, and passing with 60% of the standing party weight will take effect immediately.

So, with enough of the ANOs voting, then they can form a majority of the 60% standing party weight and remove any of the guides, even without participation from the guides. This is a preliminary observation and more analysis needs to be done to fully flesh this out, so take this with a grain of salt, but this is the direction I am thinking in.