Grant round results?

"The scores for grant round 2019-2 have been finalized and can be viewed by following the link below. 21 non-governance grants were funded in this round.

As we have seen previously, the grant round was oversubscribed and there were a lot of good applications this round. We appreciate everyone who applied and participated in the process. Grant applicants not awarded are encouraged to apply again at future rounds.

The grant application "Factom® Badges" is this rounds cutoff grant, with 3699 out of 3825 FCT available for funding. The applicants behind that grant now have until 2019-05-15 23:59 to resubmit that grant to be equal or less than 3699 FCT in order to fit inside the grant pool if they chose to do so, at which time standing parties will vote to accept or reject the adjusted grant."