Grant Round Improvements Discussion

As stated before we believe the grant process should reflect what the community currently needs right now. This means that it should be shaped by the long-term strategy in the road map, which in turn should be translated into short term goals and thus ‘sprint’ projects, which are funded by grants. Once the road map is clear then for each grant round we should know what the community needs at that point in time and the grant round should focus on delivering that.
I think this is very spot on. I would really like to see a better cohesion of development moving forward centered around goals of how we want this protocol to progress.
The 2nd round grant did not disallow backpay. I read it very carefully, since I was putting in for a grant for work that had already been done. I disagree with any interpretations that it imply it disallowed backpay. If the community sees value in awarding a grant, whatever the timeframe, it should be allowed.
Hi @Brian Deery . It was determined that the "spirit" of the accompanying grant round documentation disallowed backpay. You can see it play-out fully if you read through the FAT protocol grant thread.

We also recently convened a conversation about rectifying this.