Governance Working Group Update 2

In our last update we described the formation of the group and the way in which we proposed to operate.

The GWG have now met the original objective of creating the governance changes associated with the removal of the Guide position. We would like to thank the community for their support during this process. We processed updates to 12 documents and established an enabling capability of batch governance amendments.

This was not without its challenges and we were tempted to make other changes, particularly when encouraged to do so by standing parties. One such change was the adjustment to certain standing parameters in Doc005. We decided to stick with our principles of keeping the overall package focused on the original objective but encountered an administrative error. This had repercussions and required clarification and re-evaluation of the ratification.

Consequently we have learned lessons and now developed a Governance Development Framework aimed at a structured and disciplined approach to governance development with the appropriate checks and balances. Hand in hand with this we are trialling the move of Governance Documentation to GitHub, allowing for stricter controls and a more robust governance process overall.

Whilst we may appear to have been quiet in the last few weeks, we have been actively considering the next steps for Factom’s Governance. This started with an assessment of the protocol’s governance challenges, was followed by a period of research into a range of potential solutions and culminated in a selection of solutions which together address a number of our current problems. We are building on what others have created, while also creating a stronger foundation for further, future iterations. Consistent with our new Governance Development Framework, this proposal is now embodied in a Concept paper we aim to publish to the community via Factomize by 11 June.

Finally we would like to announce the addition of long-standing community member Hinamatsuri. He has been actively involved promoting Factom on social media and regularly participates on Discord and Factomize where he has brought new energy and perspectives. We feel very strongly about engaging non-ANO talent and look forward to Hinamatsuri playing an active role.
Concept paper delay
We stated above that we aimed to publish a Concept paper outlining the next steps for Factom’s Governance by 11 June. This is to advise that we have received some very recent and well considered suggestions about this piece of work which we feel honor-bound to review and incorporate as appropriate. This will take a little while and means we cannot publish this paper today. We will keep you informed about progress.
Hey Mike, just following up on the above. Would you happen to have an ETA for this? Would love to take a look & potentially participate in this group when completed!
Thank you for your question Philip,

The GWG are working through the Governance Proposal Concept Paper and expect to be able to publish this to the community within the next two weeks. Thereafter we will seek and would appreciate review and feedback.

There does seem to be growing interest in participating in Factom's Governance, the current Working Group have got some very specific objectives and expect to be able to complete the work with the current resources. It is anticipated that there will be a continued need to develop Factom's governance, which may require the formation of a Governance Committee. Should this be the case then at the appropriate time applications to serve on this committee would be required.
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