Governance Working Group Update 1

On Saturday (March 22nd) the group had the initial meeting to agree goals and timeline.

The primary focus of the group is to enable improvements that make governance more effective. However firstly we need some first-aid to ensure the removal of the guide role does not leave gaps, a task we aim to complete within a few weeks. In parallel, we will progress governance development.

Building on the groundwork of Niels, David and Mike we have a comprehensive spreadsheet showing all the parts of current governance docs which mention guides. We have now established individual responsibility for making prompt changes to the affected docs and will be tracking progress closely. This process will also build a better understanding of all the ways the removal of guides impacts our governance.

We aim to clean up these documents so that they are as right as possible and as future-proof as possible. To do this we plan to create well-considered drafts following review by all the members of the Governance Working Group. We value input from the community at all stages of this process and will use Factomize for ultimate formal ratification.

We may find parts of governance are significantly altered or broken which will need to be discussed with the community. Some may not seem very important, but will nonetheless be part of a comprehensive clean up effort. It would be wasteful not to fix things that need fixing while we’re doing this.

Once the initial pass of revising existing governance docs is complete we aim to submit them as one comprehensive set of changes that coherently removes the guide role across all governance (whilst cleaning up any existing governance flaws). Rather than separate votes for each document, if possible, this will be a single ratification vote, which should be cleaner and easier for all standing parties to follow.

To be successful the working group needs to meet the expectations of the community, so if you have any questions or feedback please let us know.

We will provide further updates as we progress.