Go Immutable Q4 Update

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Q4 Go Immutable Update

1. We are lowering our efficiency to 30%

*Go Immutable has dedicated a tremendous amount of time and effort to furthering the protocol since its launch. We estimate we're near the to in regards to contributions made to the protocol. In our opinion, we've drastically exceeded our campaign pledges and have been a key player in regards to advancing the protocol.
*Additional FCT revenue will be put towards endeavors that will grow the protocol as opposed to GOI member payouts
*We also strongly believe in incentives. By "incentives," we mean "rewards." For those of you that are psychology/human behavior nerds, you already know that providing a proper reward structure creates desirable behaviors. In the Factom (R) Protocol's case, a proper incentive structure would encourage ANOs to dedicate more resources (time and money) to helping the protocol grow. That's a huge win for all ANOs, FCT holders, etc.
*Without a tiering system, efficiency is a messy topic. Therefore, here's our view:
*Under-performing ANOs, in regards to their campaign pledges, should raise their efficiency
*ANOs that are on par with their campaign pledges should keep their efficiency at what was pledged
*ANOs that are overachieving should lower their efficiency
*An ANO's efficiency needs to be inline with the value they provide to the protocol
*This methodology ensures three things:
*ANOs operate under a "prove it" model. Meaning, they are judged by their actual output.
*ANOs are incentivized to provide more time and resources to growing the protocol
*All efficiencies are inline with value provided to the protocol
*We'll be putting our money where our mouth is on this one and leading by example

2. Enterprise Client relationships
*These are progressing. Nothing to announce yet though. We need to be careful about his after having a CIO question us about one of our previous ANO updates on Medium. :( They obviously value secrecy. We'll do our best to communicate effectively with the community about our progress.

3. CompTIA Blockchain Cornerstone Committee
*As a reminder, CompTIA is the second largest IT credentialing entity in the world, having licensed millions of professionals
*Mission complete. Educational materials are being created and the Committee has been wound down.

4. We were asked to join the CompTIA Blockchain Advisory Council
*Other companies on this committee include Microsoft, Dell, RedHat/IBM, and about a dozen others.
*CompTIA’s Blockchain Advisory Council (BCAC) will represent the Blockchain industry by bringing together blockchain thought leaders. The BCAC will work together to provide valuable resources and tools to help businesses, executives, engineers, and more to adopt blockchain technology as well as those selling blockchain applications.
*There will be quarterly meetings rotating between various cities in the USA with potential speaking opportunities at conferences and educational workshops

5. ANO Pledge Contribution Working Group
*Collected and publicly posted all pledges from PDFs, Forum Q/A, and official application. This was essential for ANO accountability
*Confirmed accuracy of pledges with all ANOs
*Question and Answer period for all ANOs
*Solution created for ANOs to provide community updates as well as take questions from the general public
*Having concluded its mission, this committee is in the process of being wound down

6. Legal Research Working Group (extremely high-level)
*Decentralization/Security Analysis
*Non-Profit/Foundation exploration
*Trademark/Rebranding/IP solution exploration
*CLA/Licensing Issues

Not going to go into details here since this is a public thread other than to say that this has been a monumental undertaking. Thank you to @Shuang Leng for all of her hard work over the past 4-5 months and thanks to @Nikola for his legal contributions over the last month.

7. ANO and Guide Insurance
*Two more calls about Guide insurance since our last ANO update. We're simply awaiting a quote at this point.
Hey @Matt Osborne, thank you for the update.
I noticed that since the hitch about the marketing campaign for the protocol website I basically haven't seen @gforst getting involved publicly with the community (on channels I have access to on the forum or Discord at least). Would any of you be able to comment on Greg's current involvement with Factom? Any chance to see him come back anytime soon? Thanks.
@Paul Bernier ,
Greg here. Still contributing behind the scenes. Some other recent activities were attending the summit in Austin, driving new business relationships, meeting with Matt on a weekly basis and attending CompTIA Blockchain Counsel meetings.

Q1 I am hoping to ramp up my involvement with the marketing committee. Q4 is the busiest time of year for my other business so lots of bandwith is spent there.
I want to clearly state here for people to understand the truly massive undertaking that the legal working group has been for @Matt Osborne , and the incredible job he has done on it. I believe he has pulled the weight of a 50% ANO just on that project alone, and the project would not be a success without him. I am, and I believe we all should be, deeply appreciative of the work GoI has done to date on our governance and legal, and I am excited to see what additional resources will bring from GoI.
Great update Matt, I know it is a long time since you posted this but I was particularly impressed with your position on ANO efficiiencies. I also really appreciate the work you have done on ANO insurance, unfortunately this has not been able to be taken up this side of the pond yet and I hope we can move to a solution(s) with this capability at some point. On the bright side people are not quite so litigious over here!
You are viewing an older update. There is a newer update available.