Go Immutable - Q3 2019 - ANO Contributions Update

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"Provide Top-Notch Technical Support"

"We have the ability to scale up tech as fast as the protocol demands. We also plan on maintaining tech specs in the top 15% of all Authority Servers."


--Collaborate with other ANOs for development

--Establish a platform for tracking progress of entities


--Onboard new enterprise clients

--Determine the needs of enterprise clients


--Four Testnet nodes


--Keep the community updated on any relevant news and allow standing parties to track progress
----Basecamp for project management
----Trello, Asana or Jira for development projects
----CRM to track relationships


"We’ve extensively modeled FCT price changes and have contingency plans for a worst-case -scenario ($5 FCT). Not only can we survive that scenario, but we would be willing to step up and run more servers should other entities drop-off. We’re also well-capitalized and have the ability to operate in the red for extended periods of time."


2 nodes: 50%
1 node: 50%
Relevant links:
- Forum Q+A
- Aggregated pledges
- Application
- Supporting documents
Here is a high-level breakdown of Go Immutable pledges as of October 3, 2018

We've changed system admin teams several times (once an attempt at enterprise-level support) and recently rebuilt our infra from scratch. Additionally, our servers did go down for a handful of minutes after we terminated our relationship with Rackspace (wow, what a coincidence :rolleyes:). We don't consider that "top notch." Most importantly though, both our rebuilt infrastructure and retooled support are now at a place we consider "top notch."

We pledged 4 testnet servers back when FCT was $30ish. This was dumb. No other way to put it. We are currently running 1 server because our capital is much better spent elsewhere. If there is a need for more servers on the testnet, we can step-up.

*We've worked closely with several development ANOs and look forward to continuing this relationship. I bother the crap out of them with questions. They can attest :)
*As far as establishing a platform to track ANO progress, Matt formed the "ANO Contribution Committee" and the committee decided to use Factomize as the platform.

We've been working our tails off to bring on enterprise clients/Fortune 500 clients. We've also had some conversations with the public sector. These sales funnels are long, unfortunately. However, we have a ton of good things in motion.

*We've provided a breakdowns of Go Immutable's progress on our blog:
*We use Basecamp and Trello on a daily basis

*Well, my modeling was accurate, unfortunately. FCT is at $5. As pledged, we are fine operationally and would be happy to run more servers.
*Also, we have not sold any FCT into the market (not that this was a pledge).

*Adhered to this pledge

*Partnered with Liberty Advisor Group (100+ consultants, Fortune 50 clients, public sector connections, etc.). GOI has been providing value to Liberty clients from a blockchain perspective. The goal is to onboard them to Factom. Yes, NDAs preclude us from talking about much of this, unfortunately.
*Public sector Factom conversations happening (that's all I can say)
*Building up sales channels outside of Liberty connections (logistics, pharma)
*Member of CompTIA Blockchain Cornerstone committee (along with Microsoft, Dell, and a half dozen others). CompTIA has licensed over 2 million IT professionals. They are second largest IT credentialing company (Microsoft #1). We are helping craft CompTIA's blockchain programs.

*Spoke with half a dozen law firms about obtaining legal support for community
*Helped establish Legal Research Working Group (grant recipient). Work with legal on decentralization, foundation, etc.

*Still working with insurers (Lloyd's) on getting custom insurance for Guides. As you can tell, we keep on moving up the ladder. We finally got to Lloyd's after a dozen or so hours of work/conversations.

*Marketing committee co chair through September
*Constructed list of industry PR contacts
*Provided community with marketing roadmap (20 plus pages)

*Formed "ANO Contributions Committee"
*Reviewed all 21 pledge campaigns, google forms, and forum posts from ANO Round 1. Consolidated pledges into 40+page Word document
*Currently leading this process (yep, literally the one you are doing right now :smile)

*Constant participant in all things Governance (grants, standing parties, tiering, voting procedures, etc.)
*Attended vast majority of Guide meetings
*Attended all ANO meetings
*Constant provider topics to be discussed during ANO meeting
*Multiple in-person meetings with ANOs. Many more phone conversations.
GENERAL STATEMENT ON INITIAL PLEDGES (originally posted October 3, 2018)

The price drop in FCT has hit a lot of ANOs hard. Go Immutable is no different. Additionally, with a project as young as ours, things change. An endeavor that seemed like a good idea at the time may not make sense a few months down the road. Therefore it's Go Immutable's position that ANOs not so much be measured based-on adherence to their pledges, but instead be measured on whether they provided the equivalent amount of time/effort/energy/output that their initial pledges would have required. For example, the price of FCT forced an ANO to mothball a DEV project. Fine. But, did the ANO find other, less costly ways to further the project? Did they participate in committees? Did they help on testnet? Did they write content for the neutral website? Are they providing value on Factomize? Basically, are they moving our project forward? If so, a failed pledge is not a big deal in our eyes.
Q4 Go Immutable Update

1. We are lowering our efficiency to 30%

*Go Immutable has dedicated a tremendous amount of time and effort to furthering the protocol since its launch. We estimate we're near the to in regards to contributions made to the protocol. In our opinion, we've drastically exceeded our campaign pledges and have been a key player in regards to advancing the protocol.
*Additional FCT revenue will be put towards endeavors that will grow the protocol as opposed to GOI member payouts
*We also strongly believe in incentives. By "incentives," we mean "rewards." For those of you that are psychology/human behavior nerds, you already know that providing a proper reward structure creates desirable behaviors. In the Factom (R) Protocol's case, a proper incentive structure would encourage ANOs to dedicate more resources (time and money) to helping the protocol grow. That's a huge win for all ANOs, FCT holders, etc.
*Without a tiering system, efficiency is a messy topic. Therefore, here's our view:
*Under-performing ANOs, in regards to their campaign pledges, should raise their efficiency
*ANOs that are on par with their campaign pledges should keep their efficiency at what was pledged
*ANOs that are overachieving should lower their efficiency
*An ANO's efficiency needs to be inline with the value they provide to the protocol
*This methodology ensures three things:
*ANOs operate under a "prove it" model. Meaning, they are judged by their actual output.
*ANOs are incentivized to provide more time and resources to growing the protocol
*All efficiencies are inline with value provided to the protocol
*We'll be putting our money where our mouth is on this one and leading by example

2. Enterprise Client relationships
*These are progressing. Nothing to announce yet though. We need to be careful about his after having a CIO question us about one of our previous ANO updates on Medium. :( They obviously value secrecy. We'll do our best to communicate effectively with the community about our progress.

3. CompTIA Blockchain Cornerstone Committee
*As a reminder, CompTIA is the second largest IT credentialing entity in the world, having licensed millions of professionals
*Mission complete. Educational materials are being created and the Committee has been wound down.

4. We were asked to join the CompTIA Blockchain Advisory Council
*Other companies on this committee include Microsoft, Dell, RedHat/IBM, and about a dozen others.
*CompTIA’s Blockchain Advisory Council (BCAC) will represent the Blockchain industry by bringing together blockchain thought leaders. The BCAC will work together to provide valuable resources and tools to help businesses, executives, engineers, and more to adopt blockchain technology as well as those selling blockchain applications.
*There will be quarterly meetings rotating between various cities in the USA with potential speaking opportunities at conferences and educational workshops

5. ANO Pledge Contribution Working Group
*Collected and publicly posted all pledges from PDFs, Forum Q/A, and official application. This was essential for ANO accountability
*Confirmed accuracy of pledges with all ANOs
*Question and Answer period for all ANOs
*Solution created for ANOs to provide community updates as well as take questions from the general public
*Having concluded its mission, this committee is in the process of being wound down

6. Legal Research Working Group (extremely high-level)
*Decentralization/Security Analysis
*Non-Profit/Foundation exploration
*Trademark/Rebranding/IP solution exploration
*CLA/Licensing Issues

Not going to go into details here since this is a public thread other than to say that this has been a monumental undertaking. Thank you to @Shuang Leng for all of her hard work over the past 4-5 months and thanks to @Nikola for his legal contributions over the last month.

7. ANO and Guide Insurance
*Two more calls about Guide insurance since our last ANO update. We're simply awaiting a quote at this point.
  • Continued conversations with potential enterprise clients
  • Continued conversations with development ANOs regarding partnerships. Development ANOs seeks to sell their their product/service. Go Immutable provides connections to enterprise clients
  • Greg attended the CompTIA Blockchain January Meeting.
  • Greg attending the BiTA (Blockchain in Transportation Alliance) event held in Chicago in January
    • At meeting, met several logistics enterprises and have follow-up meetings in the works
    • Additionally, met some application providers that were interested in learning more about Factom ® Protocol
  • Greg had a preliminary meeting with an organization that has been tasked with reviewing how blockchain may play in 3rd party credit score space. - January
  • Greg met with the head of Business Development at the UL Labs in Chicago. This is manufacturing innovations labs for enterprise manufacturers to innovate and learn. The lab was originally funded by the US Dept of Defense and has paid memberships from enterprises like Dow, Lockheed Martin… (see more here). Additionally several universities and government entities are involved. We are continuing the development of this relationship. - January


  • Matt is Co-Chair
  • Current Projects:
    • Draft of bylaws for Non-profit Foundation
    • Factom ® Protocol GDPR Compliance (Website, Factomize.com, Google Drive, etc.)
    • Governance document clean-up and fine-tuning
    • Proper Committee and Working Group structures in a decentralized environment
Recent Achievements:
  • Research on best jurisdiction for Non-Profit Location
  • Community-wide Factomize Discussion and Vote to approve Non-Profit Creation
  • Factom Inc and Factom ® Protocol Decentralization
  • Ongoing dialogue with Factom Inc regarding blockchain industry/SEC matters
  • Exchange Committee Assistance
    • Many exchanges require a letter from a lawyer stating that the protocol is decentralized. This is a serious challenge due to regulatory uncertainty. We have introduced several creative solutions to this challenging problem
    • Researched other projects that have received listings on prominent exchanges. Attempted to gain insight from these projects.
    • Facilitating contact with general counsel of prominent exchange (in process)
  • Marketing Committee Assistance
    • Facilitated process of logo licensing for marketing committee (merchandise creation)

  • The committee was successful in regards to all ANOs verifying their original ANO pledges
  • All of these pledges are now documented in Factomize
  • This was the first step in the the new structure of the ongoing ANO reporting process in Factomize (link)
  • Committee disbanded due to successful project completion (link)

  • Go Immutable introduced and lead the endeavor for developers to be able to sell finished projects to the community as well as request payment for development work already accomplished
  • Discussion #1
  • Discussion #2

  • Due to social repercussions, ANOs may sometimes be hesitant to ask “the difficult questions.” Go Immutable stepped-up to fill this void by asking “the hard questions

  • After many months of working with policy writers/insurance companies, was able to receive quote for insurance for Guides (link)

  • Put approximately a half-dozen ANOs in contact with an insurance provider that offers ANO Insurance

  • Greg is member of the marketing committee
  • Greg has attended 2 meetings in 2019 and is planning more involvement
  • Greg has volunteered to help with marketing 2019 roadmap
  • Greg performed audit of paid search marketing endeavor. Due to finding serious issues, recommended the campaign be paused.

  • Spearheaded the creation of the “Onchain Governance Implementation Working Group”
  • Matt will offer to be Co-chair
  • The Discord group has been set-up and will begin work when the grant round is complete

  • Go Immutable has been very vocal about the imperative need to scale-up mainnet robustness as quickly as possible
  • We have had many conversations with ANOs about this and have encouraged technical-savvy ANOs to submit Core Developer grants during grant Round 3. Thanks to those that stepped-up!

  • *Introduced clause recommending that an ANOs efficiency be inline with the value they provide to the protocol. This was accepted by the community (link).
  • Supported Cube3 in lowering of efficiency (link) after they had outperformed their current efficiency

  • Go Immutable reached out to former ANO Block party. Former Block Party member Jon was formerly the co-founder of an international VFX with over 600 full-time employees (the company was eventually sold). Go Immutable hoped to tap into some of their industry connections for cost-effective solutions.
  • Jon provided contact information of two videographers, which were passed on to the community in the Factomize Marketing Video grant

  • Go Immutable was one of the most active ANO in regards to Factomize discussion participation
  • Example: Trial ANO Period Factomize Discussion
    • Originally introduced the idea of a Trial ANO period
    • Conversation yielded the potential establishment of a new working group to explore integrating a “confidence/no confidence vote” for all ANOs at a future date
Efficiency Update: @Greg Forst recently announced he would be taking over the role of marketing chair. As outlined in his post (the section titled "efficiency"), Go Immutable already contributes a ton of hours to protocol growth and cannot justify Greg running the marketing committee without Go Immutable receiving added compensation. Therefore, Go Immutable will be dropping our efficiency to 15%. We hope that this efficiency drop is temporary, as the current plan is to submit a marketing grant during the next grant round that builds-in Go Immutable's compensation via the grant.
As mentioned 3 weeks ago, Go Immutable lowered our efficiency due to @Greg Forst taking over the marketing committee role as well as the number of hours Go Immutable as a whole puts into the protocol through various other contributions. As also previously mentioned, Go Immutable's plan was to submit a marketing grant and have Greg's compensation be part of the grant. We are putting the finishing touches on a grant and will submit it tomorrow. As a result, we are now raising our efficiency back to 30%.
Preface: We've noticed from other ANO Updates that it has become difficult to tell which work an ANO performs falls under a "grant," and which work is put towards justifying an ANO's efficiency. Therefore, we're going to softly propose the new below format of "Efficiency-Related Work" and "Non-Efficiency-Related Work (grants)." Hopefully, this makes for easier reading as well as evaluation an ANO's Contributions.



1. Non-Profit Bylaws (current version)
The standing parties recently voted that the bylaws were ready to be taken to a Wyoming-licensed attorney for review. We are currently working with a WY-licensed attorney. Once the attorney has provided feedback, we will present the third draft of the bylaws to the community for discussion and potential ratification. The timeline for discussion to begin is a week or two. Other high-level steps needed include (in no order): (i) Assessment of risk for potential Non-Profit Directors, (ii) election of directors, and (iii) the actual formation of non-profit.

For reference:
Discussion on the first draft of bylaws
Discussion on the second draft of bylaws

Huge thanks to @Nikola Nikolov and @Shuang Leng for all the hard work in getting the bylaws to this point.

@Matthias Fortin is project lead for the Factom Protocol compliance with GDPR and is doing a phenomenal job. The LRWG is providing assistance where necessary. Thanks to @Alex , @Valentin Ganev , and @Steven Masley for their technical contributions; the GDPR attorney had some very technical questions.

For more info on GDPR, please read the GDPR Project thread

3. Decentralization Comparison Grid

The SEC stated that both Bitcoin and Ethereum are sufficiently decentralized (they are no longer considered "securities"). While the SEC's public statement is not legally binding, it does give us a target for which to shoot. @Shuang Leng has created a Factom/Ethereum grid comparison in regards to decentralization (assistance provided by LRWG). If Factom can get on the same level as these two projects, then we should be in great shape. We are in engagement talks with a lawyer at a very well-respected global law firm in order to get an outside review of FCT's decentralization status.

  • Monitored legal/regularity updates. For example, the May 9th FinCen guidance
  • Provided feedback on Factom Governance (1.4 and 1.5)
  • Reviewed other community documents (e.g., grant Round #3 document)
  • Helped @Anton Ilzheev with Open API license
  • Provided feedback on “Website Committee" Formation
  • Had an introductory call with Factom Inc's new general counsel. The call was great. We are looking forward to working with Ted.

  • Greg created Marketing Committee Roadmap Document - 2/19 (thanks to @Brooke Glew and rest of the marketing committee for input)
  • Greg worked with the marketing committee to finalize and release to the community by 3/20
  • Greg took over the management of the paid marketing grant
  • Greg had marketing Chair transition call with @Ben Jeater and @Vince
  • Greg had a call with @liveanddie (Rami) to discuss new member activation and marketing in general
  • Greg had a call with MaxLamba (@Keith Pincombe) to discuss email marketing
  • Greg had a call with Siverpro (@Jens P Kåven) to get an update on the Paid Marketing Grant in order to ensure a smooth transition of the grant
  • Greg demo’ed a social advocacy tool - Bambu, floated concept to several community members for feedback - 3/19
  • Greg created an "events" research document for potential events in which the Factom Protocol could participate
  • Greg had a call with the founder of the Voice of Blockchain Conference and gathered information for potentially getting involved in the event
  • Greg gathered information from the Blockchain in Transportation Alliance (BiTA) about the Factom Protocol becoming a member
  • Greg has been working with @Matthias Fortin with input from the marketing committee regarding posting to all social channels
  • Greg worked with MaxLamba (@Keith Pincombe ) to get graphics created for social posts
  • Greg attended and lead all marketing committee meeting (2 per month)
  • Greg created documentation that was required for these meetings
  • Greg created draft dashboards to automate the pulling of marketing data for analysis. This involved connecting data sources and leveraging tools to automate the collection from several platforms. This will be the foundation of ongoing reporting for the marketing committee. Thanks to @DanG and others for helping drive this
  • Greg has created an audience research document that is in the process of being converted into a digestable document that can be leveraged moving forward. This document will be fluid as we find winners and losers. (thanks to @Brooke Glew and rest of marketing team for input)
Matt created the Onchain Governance working group with the goals of:
(i) Laying out an actionable plan to implement onchain voting
(ii) Adding FCT Holders as a standing party

Note: Go Immutable created the group, recruited the necessary technical talent to join the group, and helped move the dialogue forward. The heavy lifting in regards to finding a solution though was done by @David Chapman @Valentin Ganev @Paul Bernier @Niels Klomp @David Kuiper @Matthias Fortin @Julian Fletcher-Taylor @Who @Tor Paulsen . Big thanks to everyone, this was definitely one of the more complex tasks the protocol has undertaken to date.

The standing parties voted 26-0, with 2 abstentions in favor of the proposed solution

*Matt was elected by LRWG to be our group's representative

(i) Greg attended CompTIA Blockchain Council calls in February and April (CompTIA is the second largest IT credentialing company in the world)
(ii) Greg attended 3-day in-person planning meeting for CompTIA Blockchain Council in March
(iii) GO Immutable Contributed 101 FCT to Triall after Grant Round 2

Go Immutable recently proposed a "Comprehensive Strategy & Execution" market grant. This grant was approved by the standing parties. For details on the grant, please read the marketing grant's Factomize thread

Thanks for reading!
Go Immutable will be pursuing a large development opportunity and has reduced its efficiency by 20%, which is in line with the typical efficiency drop by ANOs that are pursuing development opportunities. We are extremely excited about this opportunity as we think it will pay huge dividends for the protocol. The opportunity is currently subject to NDAs, so details cannot be provided at this time. We will update the community as soon as possible.

Current Update: Go Immutable - Q3 2019 - ANO Contributions Update
Hi everyone. Here is Go Immutable’s 2019 Q3 update:


(@Greg Forst is Chair)

Meetings (lead and organized docs pre and post)
  • May 28th
  • June 11th
  • June 25th
  • July 9th
  • (July 23rd there was a meeting and Keith lead the meeting, Greg assisted with setting up the agenda but was not able to attend)
Other Work
  • Social post creation and scheduling (copy, assets, posting in discord...)
  • Website pop-up work
  • Google Analytics - validate retargeting setup
  • BITA (Blockchain transportation Alliance) membership processing
  • Email to Andrew Yang campaign to discuss collaboration
  • Calls with @DanG
  • Communicate with Choco and Whatsitlike on research project
  • Creation of BITA Press Release
  • Worked on “audience” document
  • Communication with BITA
  • Reddit posting organization
  • Expo EU event input for booth creation
  • Blog budget, coordination and voting setup
  • Pulling Social Metrics for report
  • Created 2 blog post - June recap and Wachsman announcement
  • Blog coordination (access, needs, etc...)
  • Pegnet education so can post about it on social
  • Coordinating with website committee on blog, roadmap, logos, etc.
  • Communication with Kompendium on BIG assoc
  • Communication with Motion Factory
  • Communicating with Maarten on Factom Badges
  • Coordinating Factom Badges Blog Posts
  • Coordinated getting featured in Blockfolio weekly blog post

(detailed LRWG update can be found here)

Work with LRWG, Factom Inc, outside counsel, etc. regarding getting FCT listed on more exchanges. Please read here for more detailed update

  • Manage relationship with WY attorney. Educated him on Factom. Provide feedback to his bylaws comments.
  • Proofing of bylaws prior to presentation to the community
  • Working with an insurance agent to get an insurance quote for the (future) Directors of the Non-Profit

Intellectual Property
Prior to shifting all focus to exchanges, the LRWG had begun analysis of all the IP issues surrounding the Factom protocol (TM, logos, code license, etc.). Questions were provided to outside counsel. This is currently paused due to higher priorities elsewhere as well as budget restraints.

Outside Counsel
Manage day-to-day relationship

Provide support to @Matthias Fortin when necessary

As some of you know, Go Immutable is partnered with Liberty Advisory Group, a consulting and professional services firm that services enterprise and multinational clients. Some of their clients can be found here. Liberty provides many services, one of which is cybersecurity. You can find more about their cybersecurity offerings here. If you navigate to the “About Us” page, you will see that “Cybeta was built by US intelligence-trained experts. Our cadre gained their skills from decades of experience at the DoD and U.S. National Intelligence communities.” If you then put two-and-two together, you may begin to see why we are not able to share as much as the community may like. :)

Go Immutable is currently working with the CyBeta team to implement a Factom-based solutions into their offerings. More specifically, we are helping to provide compliance with NYDFS Cybersecurity regulations. From a high-level, “The NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation (23 NYCRR 500) is a new set of regulations from the NY Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) that places cybersecurity requirements on all covered financial institutions.”

The key word in there is “all,” as in literally thousands of financial institutions including many of the largest financial institutions in the world. Once the Factom integration is in production, the argument can easily be made that Factom is the most-used enterprise blockchain in the world. We’ll let you speculate on EC usage :)

We are currently in the process of implementing the solution. Due to confidentiality requirements, we will not be providing a roadmap or specific deliverables, but will do our best to provide updates when possible.

Comptia Blockchain Advisory Council (2nd largest IT credentialing company in the world)
May 29th Meeting - Attended
June 19th - 21st In-person working meeting in Denver - Attended
July 17th Meeting - Attended

Networked with Dell, Redhat, Equinix, etc.

Illinois Soybean Association - Technology planning meeting - July
Follow up meeting with ISA in August for deeper discussions
Note: They are the 5th largest producer of Soybeans in the world
(Soybeans are a $100 Billion-ish market)

Illinois Autonomous Driving Association
Had intro meeting with Executive Director

Additional Contributions
*Matt is a Website Committee member and proposed the adopted internal operating procedures
*Factom testnet Server
*PegNet Testnet Server


FACTOM-GRANT-[Go_Immutable]-001 - Marketing – Comprehensive Strategy & Execution
Most Recent update can be read here