Tracking [Fillip H.-Alex-Factomize-1] Sale of the Factomize forum to the Factom Protocol and coding work.


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Grant Proposal

Team Member or Entity Forum Username
User: Fillip H.
FCT address: FA3X4yGXcxuuA9MkkBcqqapUbjc3c58odtceUwRoXtdgQkfBPJit
FCT: 3000

User: Alex
FCT address: FA2tsEih6kyzNSBtbkzZ31HUGF8QQB7RPBFouBVfYyUZk24QkPr2
FCT: 200

ANO / Committee
Group: Factomize
FCT address: FA2aggCXMoymWQWfERZJ2RPq5pC4RiZosBYKu7vC6LFqrpZiQTXi
FCT: 7094

Total FCT Requested

Start Date

Completion Date

Success Criteria
Successful transition of the forum to Belazor and subsequent transition the forum to the community.

Timelines and Milestones
Work will begin immediately.

We are asking for 10,294 FCT at $1.70 / FCT which works out to $17,500. Considering the work Belazor will be doing and how much Factomize has put into the forum over the years, this is an extremely fair price.