Federate This - Quarterly Update

Previous Updates

--Develop “Off-Blocks”, a suite of applications for the airline industry

Fed This: Done


--Three Testnet nodes

--Apply for position of Testnet Administrator

Fed This: Done.


--Marketing delivered by Flight Attendants

Fed This: This initiative was not moved forward due to FCT price collapsing. We hope to pick it up when funds allow.

----Produce (and translate) targeted promotional packs - list of developers/clients
----Develop relationships

-- Discuss with Senior Airline Execs regarding blockchain implementation

Fed This: Done and expanding outside of Aviation.


--Produce a monthly summary

Fed This: We have switched to Quarterly in line with other ANOs.


2 nodes: 50%
1 node: 50%

Fed This: We have lowered recently to 20%. This is to address an imbalance in rewards : contribution. Our Enterprise Grade app will be released Jan 2019 for all to see. We hope to raise efficiency back to 50% asap.

Relevant links:
- Forum Q+A
- Aggregated pledges
- Application
- Supporting documents
Current Update: Federate This - Quarterly Update
@Colin Campbell just want to mention that you should have created a new thread in 'ANO contribution' when posting your Q1 report rather than replying to the old thread. Because of that the Factomize forum didn't record properly that this was a new update and shows that you haven't given an update for over 90 days, even though you obviously did.