Grant Update Factomize Marketing Videos (Grant Round 1, 2019)

Factomize was awarded a 500 FCT grant during the 1st grant round of 2019 to produce five short (30-45 second) marketing videos about various aspects of the protocol. We received the FCT for this grant on March 2nd, 2019 which we're using as our start date.

Grant proposal

An example video from the artist we contracted with that we shared in the grant proposal can be seen here:

Our goal is to provide videos of similar or hopefully better quality as that is what the community approved.

We provided rough drafts of six scripts and asked the community for help improving them and voting for the best in this thread.


Deliver video 1 - Week 3
Deliver video 2 - Week 5
Deliver video 3 - Week 7
Deliver video 4 - Week 9
Deliver video 5 - Week 11

Video 1: Delivered March 2nd, 2019

Video 2: Delivered March 18th, 2019

Video 3: Delivered March 19th, 2019

Video 4:

Will be delivered by the 1st week of May or sooner.

Video 5:

Will be delivered by the 3rd week of May or sooner.
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We were excited to get started and have delivered the first video three weeks early (it has been edited into the first post of this thread). Please note this video is finalized. When it comes to videos, everyone has their opinions on what should be changed. We went through multiple revisions at the story board level and then once the rough video was produced but if we took everyone's suggestions into account, these budget price videos would suddenly become very expensive videos and that is not the type of grant we applied for.

With that said, we do welcome feedback which we will take into account for the next four videos.
Looks great, @David Chapman! Can we upload these videos to the Factom Protocol YouTube channel? It would be some great content to add.
Absolutely. The plan is:

1. I upload the new video to my personal account for initial display here.
2. I send the video to whoever is in charge of uploading to the protocol YouTube.
3. I switch the video here once it's up at the protocol YouTube and people can link to it from elsewhere.
4. I delete the video from my personal YouTube for SEO purposes.

Who is in charge of the protocol YouTube and what email can I send the video to?
Hi @David Chapman .. thanks for turning around so quick. With the other videos that you're working on (and the two token if it's open to changes?), can some of the graphics be in line with the brand guide? Eg... the orange that is used in the search bar and spin to logo, can it be in the protocol blue? Can the background where the logo spins, be white v's grey, inline with the protocol site? Will be a smoother transition for traffic clicking through to
I believe the first line should read "An open source tokenization protocol built on top of the Factom Blockchain". Note the word "built" and "Factom Blockchain" being capitalized.
Thank you for the feedback!

"Build" managed to make it from original script writing through voting and all the way to video creation. Heh. Technically, "Build" works (though I agree it's not optimal) so we're going to keep it as we'd have to redo the voice acting as well which is expensive. I don't feel capitalizing blockchain is important enough to edit the video and lose all the existing views and likes.