Factomize Forum Feature Suggestion

I know you don't have enough work on your plate @DChapman, so I would like to suggest something. ;)

How about a bookmark or saved list feature? There are so many threads I need to keep track of that the existing alerts feature has become insufficient as task management tool. It would be nice to have a save button below each post. This way I can save it to a "follow up" label for later replied. Or I really like someone's post and would like to bookmark it for later sharing, so I save it to my "favorite" label. The label can be pre-determined by the platform, or ideally customized by the users.

Really low priority but would be a nice feature to have.
At the top right of each thread there is a "Watch" button. If you reply to a thread you automatically watch it. If you don't but you want to "save" it, just hit watch.

Screenshot 2018-10-01 at 3.24.54 PM.png

Then, at the top of your screen under the logo, click on the "Watched" link and it'll bring up all the threads you are watching.

Screenshot 2018-10-01 at 3.28.44 PM.png

On the "Watched" screen you can manage which threads you are watching including specify which you want emailed when they're replied to or remove those you no longer need to watch.

Does that system work or do you need it improved?
Yeah, my reference to the "alerts" feature is really the "watched" feature. The problem is that I watch pretty much all posts/threads because I missed some important posts before. This renders the alerts/watched as a monitoring tool ineffective. Too many alerts means I need some way of organizing them for follow up. So I use text editor right now to keep track of forum posts, but a build in labeling option would be nice. Labels can also act as bookmark feature so I can easily find important posts in the future.
I understand what you're saying. On one of my largest forums in the past we created a modification called, "My Forum". You could "favorite" a thread and it would go to "My Forum" which displayed at the top of the forum home page. Only for you, not for anyone else. We allowed labeling, notes within the thread, and more. And you could of course manage what threads were in the forum.

I ask for your thoughts but I must also warn you that it would be a low priority, at present.