Funded [Factomize-001] Marketing Videos

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David Chapman

The Factom protocol is in need of some short animated videos that explain various aspects of the ecosystem. Factomize will work with Evan Basson of Motion Factory to produce five 30-45 second videos on various topics such as the two token system, FAT protocol, and more. These videos will be uploaded to the Factom Protocol Youtube for easy sharing across social media.

As required by document 153 that governs Factom grant round 2019-01: This is the thread for grant proposal Factomize-001.
The review process starts at 2019-01-31 00:00, so please refrain from starting public review or questions before that time. If you notice clear errors in the proposal you can contact the author of the grant proposal directly.


Julian Fletcher-Taylor

Exchange Working Group
Legal Working Group
100 FCT per video seems like a really good deal for this. I'd love a range of lengths of video and I know they will cost different amounts, but this definitely hits a sweet spot to me for range of topics covered vs cost. I like it!

Matthias Fortin

Thank you for your proposal.

This is a generic question I ask in each grant thread.
This is currently the 3rd grant round. I consider that one of the very important criterion to select a grant (apart from its potential value) is the capacity of the grantee to deliver in time what it pledged. Therefore past grants can be used as an indicator.

If you did receive grants in previous rounds, could you please fill the following fields? This would increase transparency and help the standing parties to select grants.

- Have you, or one of your partners, previously received grants : Yes/No. If No, then you can stop here :)
- List of grants received : grant X1 from round Y1, grant X2 from round Y2...
- Status for each grant : grant X1/Still ongoing or Completed, grant X2/....
- Description of the work accomplished so far and Links supporting it : Discord Group/Factomize thread/Github/Reports/...
- Description of the residual work to be completed : XXXXXX

Thank you for your cooperation.


BI Foundation
Speaking for BIF as well as a member of the marketing committee (not for the marketing committee) I believe the two grants for the videos are complementary and should both be awarded.
As stated before, I believe marketing is important and underfunded, but these videos are very re-usable for all of us and give us "the biggest bang for the buck".

Valentin Ganev

This is great value for money. I'm not sure I can say the same for some of the other marketing grants, although I'm inclined to support all of them.

The contributions from Factomize towards the community have been outstanding and I have little doubt that those videos will turn out very good if the grant is awarded.

Factomatic strongly supports this grant.

P.S. Similar to my comments in a couple of other places, I would encourage Factomize to ask one or two community members for review of the scripts/text that will be used for the videos before they go into production.
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