Factom Protocol Daily Update feedback and Editor volunteers

Thanks @David Chapman . Looks good. Q - how are you aggregating the 'Needing your attention'? These are items that we have not engaged in and been requested to?
The system generates the "Needing Your Attention" automatically in the background, "Editors" play no role there though they can see THEIR threads that need their specific attention when previewing the update that will go out. The types of info we check for at present are:

A. Threads your ANO is invited to but nobody from your ANO has viewed it yet.

B. Polls you need to vote on (including motions to extend / end).

C. Posts you are mentioned in but haven't viewed.

D. If your ANO hasn't updated the community in the ANO Contributions forum in over 30 days

The idea here is people are busy and can't follow every single discussion so we make try our best to make sure they at least see the important ones. That's the idea of the whole Daily Update really, but the "Needing Your Attention" tend to be especially important.

This was the most complicated aspect of the solution to code. So don't trust it 100% yet, please be sure to double check us for a few days so we can iron out any bugs.
Awesome emails you're sending. Really delivers any message well. I have some feedback for you:
  1. A lot of people are going to read this on mobile so it's important to design for it. Right now for example, this is how it reads on mobile. As you can see the picture and name of the person who wrote it is taking very valuable space. This should be completely removed IMO and only communicated if asked. We know that it's a partnership between Factomize and Anchor block (from the footer) and that should be it.
  2. The discord digests are hard to read on mobile as its the full screenshot. A suggestion is to write a 1-2 sentences summary of the topic being discussed and linking directly to it on Discord. No screenshots as it takes very valuable space. So a format of "text summary - direct link" is much cleaner and makes the whole email more compact and direct.
  3. When there are no news or NYA or digests, better not have that section there as it takes valuable space and requires unnecessary scrolling.
  4. No need to say "Factom Protocol Daily Update" again in the header of the email. It would be much cleaner and effective to have the Factom logo or symbol on it (centered) and the date right below it. Or a variation of some sort. Point being that repeating that it's a daily update is not valuable and having the Factom symbol is great branding.
  5. Convert Factomize visitors and Factom protocol related website visitors into subscribers of the Daily Factom Digest by having a CTA for it. There are many type of implementations that can be tested. This would allow us to hook users into Factom easier as it pulls them in bit by bit into the Protocol and their interest will rise gradually. A lot of people are busy and so they will get to know more and be more interested on their own time. And an email is a great opportunity to knock on their door. They will open when they are ready/caught their interest.
  6. Any website planned for the daily digest? A small landing page a la cryptotickerr.com would do wonders. Of course with different copy. It would allow to catch those people I mentioned in number 5 directly. Right now it's Factomize forum --> daily digest. While Daily Digest is a king intro and can evolve with for example an "Education" section about Factom when a user receive their first few emails.
Just some thoughts. Great work!
1. We'll get that fixed. Thanks!
2. Yeah, we need to handle it better for mobile.
3. I'm curious if others think blank or "nothing today" is better. We debated which is better.
4. Agreed this should go on mobile.
5. The Daily Update is more for people very involved in the ecosystem. Once the twice-monthly newsletter is created, we'll do that.
6. https://factomize.com/forums/thread...-newsletter-if-so-any-volunteer-writers.1453/ -- this will be created.

Thank you for the feedback @liveanddie . I really appreciate it!
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1. Which OS and browser?
2. Which OS and browser?
3. I'm curious if others think blank or "nothing today" is better. We debated which is better.
4. I kinda like how that looks. Would love additional feedback from others!
5. The Daily Update is more for people very involved in the ecosystem. Once the twice-monthly newsletter is created, we'll do that.
6. https://factomize.com/forums/thread...-newsletter-if-so-any-volunteer-writers.1453/ -- this will be created.

Thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate it!
1. I have an iPhone 8 and I use the mail app. Most phones would face the same issue of having the name and face of the person next to very important text. What's the value in that? A small "by david" or something if necessary makes more sense.
2. Same as above. Screenshots don't make for creating any interest in reading what's in it. A 1-2 liner with a hyperlink would work wonders. So I guess points 1 and 2 are about UI as well as what's the value in having them like that? Not to mention that the screenshot misses any other conversation so it's going to the Discord link where you get to really understand what is being talked about. Screenshot completely misses that.
3. What's the argument behind why nothing today is better? It shows lack of activity & work? There is some news everyday but that just highlights the most important ones. And the needing your attention should be the first box if there is any content in it as it needs their attention. But just not be there if there is nothing. A small focus on that section when there is something would be good as well. Make it look like an action rather than a piece of news.
4. Fair. The symbol is also great though so having it somewhere in the footer maybe at the end of the email would be good. A reminder on the name and symbols are good. Also, I would do the header like so, keeping it in line with the Forum. I would also remove the blue background on the left and right of each section. The grey is enough. Too many colors take away attention. Also making the headline sections smaller on desktop devices. I don't know, they just take away all of the attention as they have the dark blue background. This pushes your eyes towards it while you should be reading the content below. So it should be more minimalistic.

5. Maybe, maybe not. Especially for catching initial interest and keeping them active initially which might be the hook. So I would debate that. In sales, you double down when there's hot interest, with valuable info and community discussions. This is when they are most likely to contribute or start researching about something discussed and get into it. At the start.
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@liveanddie -- we are testing a fix for #1 on our test forum. If testing goes well it'll be live tomorrow night. This look ok to you?

View attachment 743

It'll look that way on desktop and mobile.
Hey David, great cleanup. I would keep the yellow border but change the"ANO Only!" to be the same font color as "News and Alerts". The colored yellow border works great on its own. Also, I would remove that light blue section above "Who" if possible.
Hey, after few weeks of receiving it I just want to say that this new feature is really appreciated. And in the future if start getting intense in Factom world, it would become truly invaluable.

One idea: could the name (forum handle) of the exact list of editors that contributed to a given daily digest? I think that would help recognition of the individuals and may help new editors join if they see they can have their name in everybody mailbox. I'm thinking just a small line at the end of the email, like a signature.
Hey David, could I also join the editors if there isn't too strict conditions on producing content? I may bring occasionally light to some technical aspects of the protocol.
Done! You have access to both the Daily Update and Monthly Newsletter. We of course welcome your input anywhere but I'd like to especially point you in the direction of the Developers Corner section of the newsletter ;)

Thank you for volunteering Paul!
Hey David, I thought I'd suggest some improvements for the UX of the newsletter:
  1. Reduce the width of the email so that lines are shorter in length. This makes it a lot more easier to read.
  2. Increase font size of the content in the emails to 16px on desktop and not so sure for Mobile but same as well as it reads too small
  3. Add Social Sharing icons to "News & Alerts" so that readers can easily share it on relevant platforms when they see it