Grant Update Factom Open Node (Courtesy Node Grant)

Hello everyone!
This is an update for Factom Open Node grant project.

Open Node Status:
Open Node factomd endpoint:

Initial works, READY:
  1. Pool of 3 nodes provided (2 nodes were provided by grantees + 1 additional node was provided free of charge by BIF
  2. Cloudflare Load Balancer setup
  3. Firewall rules setup (including HTTPS only access and filtering requests to Open Node)
  4. Geo-based routing enabled
  5. Cloudflare online monitoring setup
  6. De Facto online+stall monitoring developed
  7. Cloudflare integration developed (automatic disabling traffic to affected node, automatic restoring traffic when node is ready to process it — i.e. online & fully synced)
Additional works (not pointed initially in the grant application), READY:
  1. Status page development (with CF integration)
  2. Strict-SSL implemented
  3. Rate limiting implemented
  4. CORS implemented
  5. Discord monitoring bot developed
Additional works (not pointed initially in the grant application), UPCOMING:
  1. Additional node from CV will be provided
  2. Granular transaction rate limiting under development
Additionally, I'm pleased to let everyone know, that FCT for initial setup (that were initially received by De Facto) was distributed among all grantees in fair proportion according provided setup works.