Factom Logo Branding (Trustpilot-like)

Hi everyone,

The BuildingIM team were talking about how to integrate information about Factom onto our website and marketing literature last night. We hit on an idea to use the Factom logo like Trustpilot use their logo, and adding the text "Secured with Factom' or something similar? The power of this idea comes from everyone using the same logo in the same way. What do you guys think?

If no one is adverse to the idea, I would be happy to create some examples to vote on (or leave that up to one of the marketing Operator teams)?
I'd definitely be interested to see what you can come up with. I know parties (myself included) have reached out to Factom Inc to see what the logo/trademark situation is and have gotten little feedback in return other than they're working on it. But I personally think it's worth moving forward with what you're suggestion.
I talked with Crystal, who said that this isn't a simple case of "yes, do it" or "no, you can't" because the logos are trademarked. She needs to speak to the executive team and the lawyers first. Watch this space :)
I'm glad your looking into this @BennyJ . This is a larger question I want to get back to. Currently that logo is what is used by coinmarketcap, news, blogs, etc. We can't both have that, and have the logo trademarked and not freely usable by the rest of us. This is both from the perspective of making sure that the rest of the community can properly present itself, but also from the perspective of continuing to decentralize and protect Factom Inc. Even just from an investor perspective, an investor needs to understand that they are not buying into tokens that represent Factom Inc., but instead the protocol that Factom Inc and the rest of us use.

Additionally, is this logo trademarked as well? 2478893a-5e5d-469e-81bd-e351195858d9.png
As Factom Inc is rather mum on this subject, any thoughts on the Authority Set having a Factom PROTOCOL logo created? I'd be happy to lead the charge and I'd of course involve all of you.
@DChapman I think it is a great idea to have Authority Set operators lead the charge in creating a universal logo for the Factom protocol.

A trademarked logo controlled an incorporated entity cannot fully represent the open source nature of the protocol. Especially if there are brand guideline restrictions preventing node operators and developers from completing necessary marketing and promotional work.

On behalf of DBGrow, I would like to be involved with the ideation/creation of a universal logo for the protocol if this is deemed something worth pursuing.
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@BennyJ what do you think? @Luap ? Anyone else?
I'm all for having a logo that is separate from the Factom Inc trademark; however, we will run into issues if Factom Inc decides to (quite rightly) defend their trademarked logo because what we create is using the Factom name/colours/etc (trademarks are only valid so long as you actively defend them).

I think we would need to have some sort of "fair use" policy issued by Factom Inc for the Factom name and logo. If we don't have an agreement, operators could potentially end up defending themselves in court from Factom Inc...OR Factom Inc could lose their trademark (spawning a huge number of ne'er-do-wells copying the name and logo to trick people).

Can we hold off until we have word from @PaulSnow / Factom Inc Legal?
All, the Secured with Factom brilliant idea just made it to my desk today and I'll get the legwork done to make sure we dot all i's and cross all t's on the trademark side. Just want to say thank you for the support. We are going to be bringing someone on specifically to focus on working with the community as the small staff we have has been spread to thin to give the kind of attention really required. In the mean time, we will be working as much as required to try and keep up with all you are doing.
There are two logos, the Factom ball and the Ball with the arrows around it. The Factom Ball is the registered mark for Factom Inc. and should not be used in this context as the data is being secured by the Factom protocol. The logo for that is the Ball with arrows around it. (Yes, the one higher in this thread with Factom Foundation)

I know, it's a picky distinction but it has real legal implications. We have to indemnify our customers against trademark infringement and we lose the marks if we don't defend them. Defend them meaning, in this context, my asking that the ball with arrows be used rather than the Factom ball.

There was a question about fair use. We have a licensing agreement for the Factom Logo. I've been trying to get it up on the web site and had been waiting for the new web site which has been delayed a couple of times. I'll get it out to the community shortly. Sorry for the delay all.