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This is your grant tracking thread. Below, you will find information from your original grant.

Grant Proposal

User: Nolan Bauer
FCT address: FA2oecgJW3XWnXzHhQQoULmMeKC97uAgHcPd4kEowTb3csVkbDc9
FCT: 300

User: Factomatic
FCT address: FA2944TXTDQKdJDp3TLSANjgMjwK2pQnTSkzE3kQcHWKetCCphcH
FCT: 300

User: David Kuiper
FCT address: FA2FqYZPfBeRWq7fWSFEhassT5zpMQZm8jwus3yWbzeN3PZPWybm
FCT: 300

ANO / Committee
Group: Factom Inc.
FCT address: FA3LwCDE3ZdFkr9nE1Keb5JcHgwXVWpEHydshT1x2qKFdvZELVQz
FCT: 33840

Total FCT Requested

Start Date

Completion Date

Success Criteria
Maintenance of MainNet - Pauses and Issues resolved
Refactor Code Development - Continued Development of refactoring

Timelines and Milestones
Various factomd releases as stable updates are developed during the grant period.
Incremental code structure updates (for future release) during the grant period.

This grant asks for $28,200 per month over 3 months totaling $84,600 for the development and support portions. Assuming a FCT price of 2.5 $/FCT would give a grant amount of 33,840 FCT for the Factom, Inc. portion.

There is also oversight on this grant being provided by the Sponsors, there is 300 FCT each for a total of 900 FCT.

The grand total for this grant comes out to 34,740 FCT.
Final Report for [Factom Inc.-21] Protocol Development grant.

Release notes - factomd - 6.6.0 Leatherette Feb 20 2020
  • Grant payouts for 2020-1 released
Release notes - factomd - Version FactomD A4 6.5.1 Jan 27 2020

  • [FD-677] - Gossip Improvements
  • [FD-984] - Create a separate thread to handle all missing data requests.
  • [FD-1033] - Log peer behavior. Fix double p2p close.
  • [FD-1101] - Create framework to execute code on minute edges to consolidate state change code.
  • [FD-1166] - Align grant height to grant payout boundary when reading grant descriptors.
  • [FD-1198] - MMR catchup delay
  • [FD-1206] - Faster Catchup by MMR
  • [FD-1210] - Change priority to to have higher priority than acks.
  • [FD-1217] - FilterAPI Test Issue
  • [FD-1270] - Pokemon Bug Defense
  • [FD-1272] - Change the logging of pokemon bugs to distinguish the nil case vs the interface to a nil
  • [FD-808] - Updates to enterprise-wallet
  • [FD-1037] - Community Contribution - More tests around Audit Server Brainswaps
  • [FD-1112] - Release Candidate A4 (anticipated 6.4.4)
  • [FD-1122] - Move Entry Credit balances to own thread
  • [FD-1123] - Distribute commits across VMs
  • [FD-1131] - DevNet Developer toolbox
  • [FD-1132] - Add an RPC api for interacting w/ Nodes on Devnet
  • [FD-1165] - Update docs for debug API
  • [FD-1188] - Community Contribution - Add documentation around directory and admin blocks
  • [FD-1189] - Add sim test where to-be-elected audit is behind at moment of election
  • [FD-1195] - Add logging for every recovery call
  • [FD-1204] - extend Logging to track sizes of Maps and Channels
  • [FD-1209] - Add commit data to ack in wsapi
  • [FD-1215] - Update API version to more closely reflect semver
  • [FD-1221] - Community Contribution - include some factomd changes from Factable Solutions
  • [FD-1224] - Return status code 200 for JSONRPC errors in the factomd api
  • [FD-1238] - pokemon bug in CommitEntryMsg
  • [FD-1275] - Community Contribution - Diagnostics index out of range error
  • [FD-1235] - PreventElectionReplacingMoreThanHalfOfFeds - breaks a unit test
  • [FD-1152] - POC Jenkins builds against DevNet
Release notes - factomd - Version FactomD A5 v6.5.2 Feb 5 2020
  • Removed a fix for json errors that broke some APIs

Bi-Weekly Grant Sponsor Update Agenda and Meeting Notes:

The December 9 - March 9 2020 Factom, Inc. Protocol Development Grant (018) was successful and accomplished the goals set out in the beginning. Both of the metrics that were set out in the grant were met. We had no incidents in this grant period (no pauses or reboots of the network). We did have a pause on January 7th from which we rebooted pretty quickly. We did fail to note the pause at the time through our reporting of network health. This is a pretty important thing to do, so we will endeavor to report correctly in the future.

None the less, the past months have been very stable. We can attribute this consistency both to fixes deployed over the course of the previous grant, good management of nodes by ANOs while upgrading and maintaining servers. None the less, Factom Inc. remains at ready should an issue arise, and in this Factom, Inc was fulfilling the maintenance side of the Development Grant.

Community development efforts also continued through this grant period. Weekly community developer standups helped coordinate efforts with non-Factom, Inc people. Regular attendees were Sander and Laurens from the Sphereon team, as well as Michael from Factable. Sphereon's team did transition out of the standups as they did not reapply for core development in the next round.

There were several releases during the grant period. While the releases were based on the current codebase, they included improvements that will feed into the refactored codebase.

V6.6.0 Letteret -- grants
V6.5.2 A5 -- JSON Patch
V6.5.1 A$ -- LiveFeed Release

The Sphereon team made significant progress on the livefeed API during this grant period, and integrated LiveFeed into the Wax branch (which holds our refactoring work).

The buildout of the new refactored code progressed well over the grant period. There were multiple people working on the grant over the period, exceeding the 2-3 person estimate. During the grant period, employees working on the protocol grant were Clay, Steven, Matt Y, Paul, Brian, Veena, Michael B.

Both the maintenance and the refactoring efforts were well exceeded during the grant period and our self-evaluated the performance of this grant as a 7. Thank you for your support
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@Brian Deery, it has now been 30 days since your grant was to have been completed. Will you please update us on the status of your grant?

If it is completed, please first summarize the grant and self score then go to the thread tools dropdown at the top right and select "Create Final Determination Poll".
Final Report

This grant was executed from December 9, 2019 to March 9, 2020. Our final report contains a summary of the work completed, a timeline of major events, and our recommended score as sponsors.

The grant application is available here. There were two stated success criteria:
  1. Maintenance of MainNet - Pauses and Issues resolved
  2. Refactor Code Development - Continued Development of refactoring
Factom Inc’s self-determination of this grant is a 7, meaning Overachieved - Successful. Their final report has been posted to Factomize.

Grant Reports

These reports cover the work completed for this grant period.
  1. December Sponsor Meeting Video
  2. January Sponsor Meeting Video
  3. February Sponsor Meeting Video
  4. Factom Inc Grant Final Report
Major Events

December 9, 2019Start of Grant period
January 7, 2019Network Pause
February 12, 2020v6.5.2-alpine A5 release
February 21, 2020v6.6.0-alpine Grant Release
March 9, 2019End of Grant period

Refactor Specific Work

Most of the refactor work during this grant period has been rolled up into this branch:

Items that have not been rolled up are tracked in Github project card contained in this branch:


The following scoring rubric will be used for this grant per Doc 106:

Exceptional (9.0 - 10.0) - Successful
Overachieved (7.0 - 8.9) - Successful
Achieved (5.0 - 6.9) - Successful
Underachieved (2.0 - 4.9) - Failure
Total Failure (0.0 - 1.9) - Failure

As sponsors, we believe Factom Inc adequately completed the stated goals during this grant period and a score of 6 is appropriate, meaning “Achieved”.

We will post the success determination poll to be voted on by the standing parties.

Thank you for reading,
David, Nikola, Nolan & Valentin


Factomize Bot
The final determination poll has been created, and will be open for 5 days. Use the following rubrik when scoring:

Exceptional (9.0 - 10.0) - Successful
Overachieved (7.0 - 8.9) - Successful
Achieved (5.0 - 6.9) - Successful
Underachieved (2.0 - 4.9) - Failure
Total Failure (0.0 - 1.9) - Failure


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The final determination poll has now closed. The final score is 5.91, with 11 total counted votes. The grant has been determined to be successful.